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A full-term pregnancy typically lasts for 40 weeks, which means you are just 10 weeks away from meeting your little one. As you enter the 30th week of pregnancy, which is also the third trimester, your belly is popping out a little more, and you will likely experience some early pregnancy symptoms. However, your baby has already touched several developmental milestones, and your body is slowly and steadily preparing for D-day. So, while the excitement of meeting your baby would be at its peak, anxiousness may sometimes leave you overwhelmed.

Nervousness in expectant mothers usually stems from the fear of the unknown, so we prepared this complete guide highlighting the 30-week pregnancy symptoms, baby development, and body changes. Moreover, if you are eager to know about 30 weeks pregnant baby's weight in kg, continue reading further! If you are at this stage of your pregnancy, now is the right time to start buying all essentials for your baby to arrive. Do not forget to add Cloth Diapers to the shopping list, as those are the essentials you will need from the minute your baby is born.

Common Symptoms for 30 Weeks Pregnant

The 30th week of pregnancy means you are already in the 7th month of your pregnancy. So, if you are wondering how many days are left until you meet your baby, it is most likely to be 10 weeks (60 days approx.). However, as you enter the 30th week, there are specific common symptoms that you may experience. We have listed these 30 weeks' pregnant symptoms not to ignore below so that you can stay prepared for it-

1. Insomnia

Being 30 weeks pregnant may call for some trouble falling asleep at night. Insomnia is typically due to constant nervousness, anxiety, and a bulging belly, which may cause difficulty turning and tossing. However, it is best to experiment with sleeping positions during pregnancy, listen to soothing music, or read a book before bedtime until drowsiness kicks in.

2. Heartburn

Being 30 weeks pregnant, your pregnancy hormones will likely slow down digestion, making it easier for the stomach acid to get into the oesophagus, leading to heartburn.

3. Bloating and gas

As your baby grows, the uterus constantly expands to accommodate this tiny human. However, the expanded uterus exerts pressure on your rectum, weakening muscle control and leading to uncontrollable gas passing. The best way to avoid constipation, which leads to bloating and gas, is to drink plenty of water.

4. Growing feet

Due to the relaxation of your ligaments, your feet may grow in size. As a result, some women can go up for a full shoe size during pregnancy.

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5. Mood swings

Due to the uncomfortable symptoms and hormonal changes, your mood swings will likely return. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, but if you are frequently getting nervous or experiencing anxiety attacks, you may want to consult your doctor.

6. Shortness of breath

As your body accommodates your growing baby, the uterus gets bigger and pushes your stomach and diaphragm into the lungs leading to shortness of breath and heartburn.

30- Week Pregnancy: Baby Development

The 30 weeks of pregnancy is almost 7 months of your pregnancy, and you are just 2 months away from meeting your little one. Your baby has already achieved several baby developmental milestones, and in this last trimester, several other monumental changes would help it survive outside the womb. Let us have a close look at your baby's development during the 30th week of pregnancy-

1. Baby Weight and height

If you are wondering about 30-week pregnant baby's weight in kg, it would be around 1.4 kg; and may be between 10-11 inches in height.

2. Melanin

Your baby's skin cells are now producing the melanin pigment that gives skin its colour. However, most melanin production does not happen until after birth.

3. Baby Fat

Your little one is putting on baby fat that makes their skin look less wrinkly, and the layer of fat will keep them warm when born.

4. Lanugo disappears

The fine hair that has your baby's skin, also called lanugo, starts to disappear around this time. However, some babies are born with a bit of lanugo remaining on their shoulders, back, or ears.

5. Making of red blood cells in bone marrow

Yet another significant milestone at 30 weeks pregnant is the bone marrow of your baby is completely taken over by the production of red blood cells, which is a crucial development for your baby to survive on their own after birth.

6. Eyesight

Your baby can now be able to see dim shapes and can distinguish between light and dark.

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30-Week Pregnancy Belly Changes

The 30th week of pregnancy means you are already in your third trimester, and your belly is more prominent while your body is experiencing many changes as it prepares for D-day! Here is the most common 30-week belly change you are likely to encounter -

Braxton-Hick Contractions

At 30 weeks, your body is slowly preparing for labour by flexing its muscles. This flexing leads to periodic tightening and hardening of the uterus, called Braxton hicks contractions. These false contractions only give you a fair rehearsal for the labour pain. These contractions would last for 15-30 seconds and spread downwards. To soothe these contractions, try taking a warm bath to help with the discomfort.

30-Week Pregnancy Checklist

Your body is undergoing many changes as you enter the 30th week of pregnancy. You may want to prepare your house before the baby arrives, run some major errands before you embrace parenthood, gather all the baby care essentials, and so on. The checklist can seem to be never-ending and daunting; however, to make things simpler, we have provided a list of tasks that needs to be completed before your baby arrives -

1. Create a birth plan

Drafting a birth plan typically involves your preferred choices during labour and once your baby arrives. First, discuss the options available to you with your healthcare provider and hospital and after that, frame a birth plan.

2. Pack your hospital bag

Avoid any last-minute hassle by packing your hospital bag well in advance, for which we have provided a quick list of requirements-

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2 • Maternity Gowns
3 • SuperBottoms reusable nursing pads
4 • Oils and lotions for your body
5 • Baby wipes
6 • Mittens
7 • Soft blanket for your little one
8 • Kick counts

Some experts recommend starting doing kick counts from the 30th week itself. In such a case, select a time of the day when your baby is the most active, and sit down or lie on your side to feel 10 distinct movements of your baby. Note the timing of every move, and if you do not think of at least 10 activities within 2 hours, then call your doctor.

Key Takeaways

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey but often filled with mixed emotions. As you enter the 30th week of pregnancy, your patience may wear off due to significant body and hormonal changes. But remember, you have made it this far and are just a few weeks away from meeting your little one.

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