Soft Leg Warmers (Knee Cover) for Your Baby by SuperBottoms
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Soft Leg Warmers (Knee Cover) for Your Baby


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SuperBottoms Baby Leg Warmers & Knee Sleeves for Boys & Girls

A perfect companion for active babies coz style isn't defined by age.  Active & energetic babies' perfect companion to usher in style! Multipurpose warmers & Knee Sleeves for babies and toddlers that are super soft and can be used as hands or legs warmer. 

Key Features 
- Available in 3 adorable prints. 
- A perfect accessory for active and energetic babies. 
- It saves knees from being chaffed while crawling. 
- It can be used as an arm and a leg warmer for babies. 
- Super Stretchy to fit babies of all builds. 
- The superior quality material makes them better than ordinary leg warmer for toddlers & baby leg warmer available in the market. 

How To Wash 
Gently wash by hand. We do not recommend machine washing. 

Why SuperBottoms? 
Available in 3 attractive print options, SuperBottoms Leg Warmers & Knee Sleeves are of its kind products for your super active toddler that stretches to fit babies of all builds and save your baby's delicate knees and elbows from chaffing.


What are Leg Warmers And Knee Sleeves?

Baby Leg Warmers are coverings for the lower legs, similar to socks but thicker and footless. They look adorable and keep babies' legs covered and protected during the crawling stages, all this – while still flaunting the diaper!

You can use a knee sleeve when your baby is in the crawling stage. It acts as a protective layer between the baby's thighs and the floor, thus protecting the knee from scrapes, scratches, scuffs or grazes.

What is the length of Leg Warmers?

The length of Leg Warmers is approximately 27 cms.

Can we use Leg Warmers in summers?

If an AC can control your room temperature, feel free to flaunt these Leg Warmers in hot summers too!

What material are these Leg Warmers & Knee Sleeves made of?

Legwarmers are made of the softest cotton & lycra and come with a terry lining. 

SuperBottoms baby knee sleeves are made of the softest cotton and come with a terry lining, unlike other knee pads available in the market with foam and padding that are not just uncomfortable for the baby but also not environment friendly.

Which age groups does this fit?

The Leg Warmers & Knee Sleeves fit babies from 6 months to 4 yrs., depending on their build.

Other FAQs

How many sizes do these Leg Warmers & Knee Sleeves come in?

Leg Warmers & Knee Sleeves come in a single size. However, they may fit babies over a wide age range of 6 months to 4 years old.


Do they make the baby feel hot?

Leg Warmers are designed to keep baby's legs warm and covered while they are learning to crawl or while play times. These are made up of comfortable fabric and does not cause any inconvenience to babies. 

SuperBottoms Knee sleeves are perfect for all seasons. The soft fabric keeps the newborn baby comfortable at all times.


Can these be used in extreme winters (10 degree celsius)?

Leg Warmers are a win win during winters. They not only protect your baby's legs while crawling but also keeps them warm. If it is too cold, they can also be worn under your baby’s pants for additional warmth. 


What is the difference between Leg Warmers and regular baby lowers/pyjamas/ pants?

Regular pants may slide and are made of thinner fabric, whereas SuperBottoms Leg Warmers stretches and takes the shape of your baby's legs. As a result, they stay intact as a protection shield for your little one while ensuring that the baby stays comfortable too. Regular pants also cover the baby's bottom, whereas Leg Warmers keep the leg warm while leaving the bottom free so your baby can flaunt cute Cloth diapers too. 


I find the knee sleeves slightly tight on my baby. What can I do?

SuperBottoms Knee Sleeves are made of high-quality stretchable fabric, highly customisable to offer your little one the best comfort and protection. If they feel too tight around the knees, you can easily stretch them with your hands until they fit right on your baby. Worried if you stretched too much? Just wash them, and they will regain their original shape!


How do I wash these?

The Leg Warmers can be washed gently by hand. We do not recommend washing them in a machine. 


 Do they fall under RETURN policy?

If unwashed/unused, they can be returned in 30 days. TnC apply (₹100 deduction from refund as reverse pick charge) 





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