Joy for babies.
Hope for earth!

Skin friendly


All cloth
soft & gentle

No harmful chemicals

Absorbtion by layer of cloth, no gels

74% Economical


Reusable 300+ times


Same diaper fits 3m-3yr


Make laundry not waste

No diapers in landfills

Organic materials

Sustainable products & practices

The best of both worlds!

Our SuperBottoms UNO diapers offer the best of disposable diapers and traditional cloth nappies and removes the cons of both. That’s why it is the world’s most advanced diaper!


How does it all stay in?

Why cloth diapering is better?

Loved by babies

Superbottoms UNO are made from natural, breathable materials that are skin-friendly and gentle on the baby’s skin.

Loved by planet

Unlike disposable diapers that pile up in landfills everyday, UNO use organic, sustainable materials & are reusable upto 300+ times. With the 4 sizes in 1 feature each UNO grows with your baby & only 16 of these needed for the entire diapering lifetime! Reduce & Reuse, that's the way!

Loved by pocket

In 3 years - 16 UNO x Rs 800 = Rs 12800
5 disposables/day x 900 days x Rs 10 = Rs 45000
That's 74% savings!
We're building sandcastles in the air with all that money, and you?


Are they hygienic?

SuperBottoms UNO is nothing but 100% cloth and is like any other garment which you use on the baby. Cloth has been used for diapering babies since ages, so when stored and washed properly, SuperBottoms UNO is extremely hygienic to use. Even Paediatricians vouch for it!

Are they easy to wash?

Washing Superbottoms UNO is as simple as washing any other baby garment. You can simply wash them in a machine or hand wash them after flushing off the poop/pee using a jet spray. For best results we recommend washing UNO with Super Laundry Sheets that are specially designed for cloth diapers.

How many UNO do I need?

To fully and exclusively diaper with UNO, you need about 16 diapers - considering 1 day for washing.
This may vary depending on your wash pattern and your diapering pattern. Take our quiz and find the right answer for you.

Why SuperBottoms UNO is better?

We could have easily used cheaper fabrics and made average products. However, as parents ourselves we are stubborn about zero compromise on our babies.
It is not for nothing that we are India's best loved and number UNO!

Straight from the heart