How to wear?


Your SuperBottoms UNO has:

a.Multi-size waterproof outer b. Dry feel pad with SuperDryFeelTM lining
c. Booster pad* (Can be bought separately)

Please wash the UNO with detergent before use


Placing the pads

Snap Dry feel pad onto the Waterproof outer. If required, adjust the length of the Dry feel pad by folding it front. Your diaper is now ready to wear!

For extra absorbency, snap Booster pad to Dry feel pad.


Put it on

Place baby's bum over the open diaper. Snap the waist buttons on both sides such that there are no gaps around the thighs.

Do check the fit in just 3 steps! Read on.


Fit check 1

Snap on the bottom row or the top row depending on the baby's build. (Close snaps on bottom row for small size and close snaps on top row for larger size)


Fit check 1

Ensure fit is comfortable, but without gaps. Tuck in the elastics to rest on leg joints, NOT on thigh.


Fit check 2

Snug fit but not tight with NO gaps around the leg joints.

Common Queries

How do I use/fold Dry feel pads with booster pad ?

The main Dry feel pad is an open pad. Both the main pad and booster pad open up making it quick to dry. To use, you need to fold it as shown above. Please ensure that the soft, fleece side needs to touch baby skin and the folds should come onto the snap side, not the fleece side.

Do note: Booster pad can be bought separately

Can I use rash creams/ lotions before wearing SuperBottoms UNO?

SuperBottoms UNO, being made out of 100% cloth do not usually cause any rashes. However, if you have to use a cream as per doctor's recommendation, we suggest you keep an Easy Clean Top Sheet  on top of Dry Feel Pad to prevent the particles from clinging on to your diaper. 

Bummy suggests: If you use a rash cream with Easy Clean Top Sheet, please wash the sheet separately from the UNO.

If not a rash cream, what do you recommend to keep the baby’s skin around the diaper area moisturised?

We suggest you go traditional! Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and goes very well with UNO pads. 

The diaper seems quite bulky on my baby! Will it affect the milestones of my baby?

SuperBottoms UNO is nothing but layers of cloth! If worn properly, it looks quite trim and does not affect the milestones of the baby! 

Don’t believe us? Paediatricians vouch for it! Also, hear it from thousands of other parents whose babies achieved all the milestones in SuperBottoms! Join the SuperBottoms Family 

The diaper caused elastic marks on the baby! What went wrong?

Slight elastic marks which go away in 10-15 mins are normal and do not cause any discomfort to the baby! If the elastic marks do not go after 15 mins, the diaper fit needs a tweak! Please reach out to us at (helpline no) and we would be happy to sort it out for you.

Can I keep the diaper a little loose on the baby?

A loose diaper can cause rash due to friction and can also leak. We do not suggest keeping the diaper loose. A well-fitted SuperBottoms UNO is comfortable for the baby and will last even overnight on your baby.