Our story

A Mommy went looking for that perfect baby diaper & got disappointed to find none. That’s when Superbottoms was born! 4 Years & 15 versions later, Superbottoms is the no. 1 bestselling cloth diaper in India, and is trusted by over 2 lakh+ parents for Zero Compromise Baby Care.

Our Pinky Promise!

Innovative products made with 100% pure love and 0% compromise. As parents ourselves, you can be sure that our products are worth our babies and our precious planet.

Our values


A li’l birdie once said “We borrow our planet from the future generations!” and since then, there has been no looking back. Ask us how? R3U - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle - ensures our planet is happy, just like our babies!


We’re an extremely passionate team dedicated to making products with pure love and zero compromise, which makes us proud & superhappy! Trust us to be around if our products born out of love don’t work for you.


We believe every parent like us who’s reading this is as curious & would want to see a transparent and honest process to believe in our core strengths & what we do. Trust us to deliver what you see as we’re honest about our products, actions, and more.

Continuous Innovation

We are committed to make parenting easier & better. Be it with our products, processes, or even communication; we promise to keep innovation on top! Afterall continuous innovation is what has made us the pioneer in #MakeClothMainstream in India and become the brand of 1sts!

Equal parenting

Only a team can ensure zero compromise in baby care so why not build a team when it comes to parenting? #RaisingTogether sets the right example for the next generation and equal parenting comes naturally to us. It’s one step to a better world!


We want to raise kids who’re kind & empathetic, who learn the beauty in diversity, that being different is good, and to love ourselves so we can love one another. To fully express themselves, we need to break them from the barriers of gender, colour and race.