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Firsts are always special, and they turn extra precious for new parents. Watching your child take those first baby steps, or seeing them give their first toothless smile, are all part of priceless moments which get etched in your heart forever. After a child's arrival, there are several such developmental milestones until your baby turns a year old, each of which becomes a precious memory. However, new parents need to be aware of these newborn milestones to deal with growth-related issues and enjoy every phase. Hence, this guide will provide you with a month-by-month detailed baby milestones chart to give you an overview of your child's behavior at each stage.

Baby Milestone Chart: First Month

At 1 month, most of your baby's action is still caused by reflexes. However, your baby is learning to communicate with you; for instance, they will be crying when they are hungry or uncomfortable and make sweet gurgling noises when they are happy. Sensory and motor development begins during this phase, and the parents must spend time with their newborns. There are several ways in which parents can aid the overall development of their babies, and one assured way is by introducing them to the newborn baby upcycled toys.

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Starts recognizing faces
2 ▪ Recognizes the sound of voices
3 ▪ Learn to raise their heads during the tummy time
4 ▪ Learns to stretch and kick

Baby Milestone Chart: Second Month

Next in our Baby Milestone Chart is one of the most crucial baby development phases. During this period, your baby grows more alert and gets more skilled in moving their body. Moreover, your newborn will likely have a growth spurt from 6 weeks onwards, making them fussy. However, you can help your babies feel comfortable while exploring their newly achieved skills by choosing leakage-free, comfortable SuperBottoms freesize UNO cloth diapers.

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Starts to make more sounds beyond just a cry
2 ▪ Learn to turn their heads in the direction of the sound.
3 ▪ Their fingers and toenails grow at a rapid rate
4 ▪ Can make smoother arm and leg movement.

Baby Milestone Chart: Third Month

As time flies, your baby is no longer a newborn and is rapidly growing. Your baby's emotional skills are developing at this stage, and they will respond to you with lots of sweet toothless smiles. During this phase, your babies have better control over their head movements and can hold their heads up when sitting. You can look at the detailed 4 months Baby Milestone Chart, along with baby care tips, here!

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Learns to make more sounds besides just cries
2 ▪ Can open and shut their fists
3 ▪ Starts smiling
4 ▪ Get better at communication

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Baby Milestone Chart: Fourth Month

The most adorable time starts now as you watch your baby trying to explore the world around them. They turn into little entertainers of the house as they make razzing noises and laugh when you tickle their bellies. Babies tend to get a little more experimental when pushing and touching objects around them. Their appetite increases and their weight has doubled since birth. We have provided a list of milestones to look out for at 4 months below -

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Improved Vision
2 ▪ Improved Mobility
3 ▪ Can control their head movement
4 ▪ Get better at communicating

Baby Milestone Chart: Fifth Month

At this phase, your baby is developing skills that may lay the foundation for bigger skills as they grow up. Your little one will make attempts to say their first word. Their hand, feet, and mouth movements become stronger, and they tend to hold objects firmly and even put them in their mouths. Your baby is also learning language skills, and you may notice them repeating specific actions. They will start to take an interest in solid foods, but breastmilk and formula feeds are still the best options. You can also use dry-feel nursing pads while breastfeeding your infant to prevent leakage. The following are some noticeable milestones to watch out for -

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Starts to differentiate between colors
2 ▪ Starts learning language skills
3 ▪ Learns to communicate their needs and wants
4 ▪ Can entertain themselves for shorter periods

Baby Milestone Chart: Sixth Month

One of the significant newborn milestones is when they start to crawl. Typically, babies start crawling between 6-10 months of age. Babies' visual strength increases considerably as they can see across the room. You can see a few teeth popping out, and your baby will try to stand up using support. Some of the other noticeable milestones are listed below -

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Learns to recognize different faces
2 ▪ Will recognize his name being called out
3 ▪ Starts to crawl
4 ▪ Start understanding simple words.

Baby Milestone Chart: Seventh Month

From the seventh month onwards, your baby's growth spurt is remarkable. As their communication skills become more refined, they tend to imitate sounds. Your baby is getting more curious, and this is evident as they tend to investigate objects around them. Typically, most babies can stand upright with support at this stage. Below are some milestones to watch out for -

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Loves dropping things on the floor
2 ▪ Can understand a wide range of sounds
3 ▪ Can roll over from any side.

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Baby Milestone Chart: Eighth Month

Your baby is an explorer at this stage as its mobility reaches its peak. You might want to babyproof your entire house to keep them safe. Your baby can roll up and sit without assistance using its tiny head. Babies tend to understand more words from a speech and even string syllables together. You can prepare to celebrate the following milestones of your baby.

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Starts crawling
2 ▪ Gains more hand-eye coordination
3 ▪ Starts to lean over to pick up objects
4 ▪ Can pull themselves up into a standing position

Baby Milestone Chart: Ninth Month

Your baby may start talking more than ever, as they tend to experiment with different tones and sounds. Babies tend to develop stronger attachments with fewer people and may suffer anxiety on separation from them. You can offer your baby solid foods before their milk feeds during this stage. This month is full of significant milestones, some of which we have listed below -

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Understands the meaning of words
2 ▪ Enjoys having solid food
3 ▪ Develop cognitive abilities
4 ▪ Learns to bend their knees to sit down

Baby Milestone Chart: Tenth Month

A wide range of developments can be seen in your baby in the tenth month. They start to notice their surroundings and can move continuously without getting tired. Your baby's growth may slow as they begin to look more like a toddler than a baby. At this stage, your baby can do simple activities under supervision, such as combing his hair.

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Develops pincer's grasp
2 ▪ Can eat by themselves
3 ▪ Crawl well on their knees and hands
4 ▪ Tend to say their first clear words

Baby Milestone Chart: Eleventh Month

In the eleventh month, your baby's sense of taste and smell is developing, and you will be delighted to see their personality blossoming now. For example, they tend to eat by themselves with a spoon and can have significant food preferences. In addition, babies' communication skills improve, as they tend to express themselves by nodding, waving, grunting, etc.

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Crawls up the stairs under supervision
2 ▪ Starts cruising, that is, pulling themselves up with the help of furniture to move around
3 ▪ Start understanding simple instructions

Baby Milestone Chart: Twelfth Month

Your baby is officially a toddler, which is a major milestone. Your little ones can balance themselves better, sit, and crawl without assistance; their motor skills are the finest now. However, you will observe that your toddler's physical activity decreases with more playtime.

Newborn Milestones
1 ▪ Their vocabulary is likely to include words like "Mumma" and "Papa."
2 ▪ Responds to simple instructions
3 ▪ May take their first steps

Knowing the baby's milestones month by month will help you ensure that your baby is developing appropriately and not let you miss out on all their firsts! The first year is often a roller coaster ride for both the parents and the child, where there are some major developments and growth spurts as the child is learning to become more independent. So, spend as much time with your little one, for these days are precious and never come back!


1. Stay Aware: As new parents, make sure you are informed of infant milestones to deal with growth-related concerns and enjoy each stage.

2. Introduction to New Toys: To guarantee that their babies' entire development is enhanced, introduce them to newborn baby toys.

3. Observe Development: Keep track of all your baby's milestones month by month so you don't miss out on any of his or her firsts.


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