Nursing Breast Pads for Breastfeeding

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Feel Dry Washable Reusable Breast Pads & Nursing Pads

Thoughtfully made, with 5 layers of Cotton padding, a printed waterproof layer on the top & a Super DryFeel layer touching the skin - for max comfort. 
These conical-shaped nursing & breast pads are reusable and washable maternity breast pads - an absolute essential for all nursing moms. 
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Key Features 
- 5 layers of cotton padding 
- Super DryFeel layer for your comfort 
- Reusable and washable breast pads 

How To Wash 
Gently wash by hands. 
We do not recommend machine washing for the set of breast pad / nipple pad. 

Why SuperBottoms? 
These set of Breast pad by SuperBottoms are thoughtfully designed nursing accessories for the comfort of new moms. In addition, these reusable breast pads are sustainable and affordable for all new parents.

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What are Nursing Pads? Chevron Down

Nursing Pads / nursing pad / nipple pad are designed to make any new mother's breastfeeding journey easier. These are cloth breastfeeding pads worn between a nursing mom's bra and breast to absorb any milk that may leak during breastfeeding.

What is the vital use of Dry Feel Nursing Pads? Chevron Down

Dry Feel Nursing Pads are specially designed with love for breastfeeding moms keeping their highest comfort in mind in case of breastmilk leakage issues.

Are the Dry Feel Nursing Pads washable and reusable like other SuperBottoms? Chevron Down

Of course! These are made of Organic Cotton & are 100% washable & reusable. Healthy moms, healthy babies, & a healthy planet, what more could we ask for?

What are the dimensions of the Dry Feel Nursing Pad? Chevron Down

These gorgeous Dry Feel Nursing Pads are tailor-made & approximately 10 cm in diameter. Of course, being tailor-made, these might show minor variations from batch to batch. However, we ensure that the Dry Feel Nursing Pads' functionality remains the same by taking strict quality control steps on every batch.

Which material are these made of? Chevron Down

Our Nursing Pads are made of four layers of organic cotton padding and a dry-feel fleece layer on the inside for your comfort.

Other FAQs Chevron Down

How many layers of absorbency do they have?

5 layers organic cotton with one layer fleece. 


Are they leak proof?

Yes, they are leakproof. They have a waterproof TPU layer on the outside to avoid soiling of clothes. They do not leak unless they are absolutely full. 


How often should one change these?

We recommend that you change them every 4 hours or when they start to feel wetness. This can differ from person to person. 


Does it show if someone is wearing them?

The Nursing Pads usually cannot be noticed when worn under a bra. This is because they have a unique discreet fit. 


Will I feel wetness with these?

No, the Dry Feel layer prevents any feeling of wetness. The wetness may be felt if it is worn for long hours, or if the breasts leak excessively. 


How do I wash these?

They can be washed with regular clothes in a washing machine or by hand. 


Do they fall under RETURN policy?

Due to the intimate nature and hygiene standards of Nursing Pads, they are non-returnable.