Apron style bib is worn around the shoulder and not around the neck to ensure there is no strain or discomfort around your baby’s neck. The breadcrumb catcher pocket ensures mess free self-feeding sessions.

Being made of cloth, SuperBottoms Waterproof Cloth Bibs are very compact in style which makes it ideal to carry around which is not the case for the readily available bibs in the market, we checked!

Yes, our Waterproof Cloth Bibs as the name itself suggests is fully waterproof. We use a premium TPU fabric with double lining which makes it waterproof.

Any baby who is between 6 months - 4 years of age can enjoy these Waterproof Cloth Bibs.

The size of Bibs is 29x30 cms.


Are these Bibs comfortable?

SuperBottoms Waterproof Cloth Bibs are perfect combination of comfort and performance. They are apron style Bibs and can be tied at neck with the help of soft tie ons.They are crafted with love in such a way that they DO NOT put any pressure on the neck of little babies. Babies can comfortably enjoy the meal time with the help of these Waterproof Cloth Bibs. 


Do these Bibs provide full coverage?

Yes, these are full coverage Waterproof Cloth Bibs. The dimensions are 29x30 cms.   


My baby easily pulls off all other Bibs including velcro and snap buttons ones - will these stay put?

Our Waterproof Cloth Bibs get tied on the back. Hence, the child can not remove these on their own. No more messy food time!  


Does this have a bread crumb catcher pocket?

Yes, our Waterproof Cloth Bibs have a crumb catcher pocket which can contain all the mess.


How to pack these Bibs?

Our Waterproof Cloth Bibs are very compact, they can be conveniently folded for travel use. 


How are these different from commonly available silicone bibs in the market?

The silicon/plastic bibs available in market are quite stiff which makes them difficult to carry and can also be uncomfortable for babies.They also come with buttons/snaps which can be pulled off easily by babies and meal time could turn to play time! Whereas SuperBottoms Waterproof Cloth Bibs are safe, comfortable and travel friendly.  


How do I wash these?

You can just rinse the mess off from these and wash like any other regular garment.  


Can these be used for painting?

Our Waterproof Cloth Bibs are versatile and can be used while you are introducing your child to arts like painting, pottery etc. The baby's clothes will stay intact while the Bib takes all the mess!  


Return Policy?

We are sure that you are going to fall in love with them! However, if unwashed/unused they can be returned in 30 days. TnC apply (₹100 deduction from refund as reverse pick charge)