3-Month-Old Baby: Growth, Milestones & Activities
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• Introduction
• 3 Month Baby Development
• 3 Month Old Baby Milestones
• 3 Month Old Baby Activities
• Key Takeaways
• FAQs
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Remember those blurry newborn days? Endless feeding, sleepless nights, and a tiny human who seemed content to exist. Well, buckle up because, at 3 months, things get exciting (and maybe a little more challenging) in the best way possible! Your little bundle of joy transforms into a social butterfly, a mini explorer, and a master of communication (well, in their own adorable way). This is the phase of "thriving threes" –when your baby starts interacting with the world, developing new skills, and rewarding you with those first gummy grins. It is a whirlwind of wonder and discovery, and this guide by SuperBottoms is here to navigate you through the joys of this incredible developmental leap. Let us dive straight in!

3 Month Baby Development

Three months old! It feels like you welcomed your precious newborn into the world yesterday, and now they are cooing, reaching, and maybe even rolling over! This exciting stage is packed with incredible developments, both physically and socially. Let us delve into the fascinating world of your 3-month-old and explore the amazing milestones they are reaching.

Area of Development


Physical Development

* Holds head steady while upright or on tummy 

* Starts to roll from tummy to back (and maybe vice versa!) 

* Reaches for and grasps objects * Brings hands together

Social & Emotional Development

* Recognizes familiar faces and voices 

* Responds to social interaction with smiles and coos 

* Begins to develop routines and preferences 

* May experience separation anxiety


* Makes cooing, gurgling, and other sounds 

* Starts to babble vowel sounds (like "ah" and "oo")

* Turns head towards sounds

Vision & Hearing

* Tracks objects with their eyes 

* Focuses on faces and bright colours 

* Startled by loud noises

Apart from the milestones mentioned above, your baby will also experience the following:

• Sleep: Sleep patterns are becoming more regular, but expect some night wakings for feeding.
• Feeding: Your baby's feeding needs may increase during growth spurts.
• Tummy Time: This is crucial for strengthening neck and back muscles. Aim for short, supervised sessions several times a day.

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3 Month Old Baby Milestones

Although the development and 3-month-old baby milestones are briefly covered in the previous section, let us look at the major milestones your baby should achieve at three months. Please note that if your baby is late by a few weeks, nothing is alarming, but if your baby misses the major 3-month-old baby milestones by a few months, it is advised to consult your paediatrician.

1. Improved Head Control: Your baby can hold their head steady and upright when supported in a sitting position.
2. Social Smiling: They begin to smile in response to interactions and may even laugh or coo.
3. Increased Hand Coordination: Your baby can bring their hands together and may start to reach for objects.
4. Tracking Objects: They can visually track moving objects and may show interest in colourful toys.
5. Vocalization: Your baby may start making various cooing and babbling sounds, expressing themselves more through vocalizations.
6. Tummy Time: They may lift their head and chest while on their tummy, showing improved strength and motor skills.

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3 Month Old Baby Activities

The 3 months old baby activities are focused on helping them achieve their developmental milestones and keeping them engaged while awake. Your 3 months baby is no longer a sleepy newborn! They are a curious little explorer, wide-eyed and eager to interact with the world. But how do you keep this newfound energy engaged? Do not worry; playtime does not have to be complicated! Here are some fun and stimulating activities to keep your 3 months baby happy and help them reach their developmental milestones:

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3 month baby development activities

1. Tummy Time Superstar: Tummy time is more than just floor time – it is a workout for your baby's growing muscles! Place them on a play mat on their belly for short, supervised sessions several times daily. This strengthens their neck and back muscles, preparing them for rolling and crawling later.
2. Sensory Explosion: Engage your baby's developing senses with various textures, sounds, and colours. Crinkle colourful paper, shake a rattle, or sing songs with different melodies. Observe their reactions – what captures their attention?
3. Reach for the Stars (or Toys): Hang colourful mobiles or soft toys within reach to encourage your baby to reach and grasp. This helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Rotate the toys regularly to keep things interesting.
4. Peek-a-Boo Champion: This classic game never gets old! Play peek-a-boo with a blanket or hide behind your hands, then reappear with a big smile. Your baby will be delighted to see your familiar face again, and it helps them understand object permanence.
5. Chatterbox in Training: Talk, sing, and read to your baby throughout the day. Even if they do not understand the words yet, they are learning about language patterns and the sound of your voice. Make funny faces and encourage them to vocalize in response. You might be surprised by their early babbling attempts!
6. Going on an Adventure: Walk with your baby in the stroller. The sights, sounds and fresh air will stimulate their senses. Point out interesting things like trees, birds, or dogs – you are their tour guide to the world!

Remember, the best 3 month baby activities are those you and your baby enjoy together. Keep it fun and engaging, and watch your little one’s blossom as they discover the joy of play!

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Key Takeaways

  1. At 3 months, babies become social, curious, and communicative, reaching significant developmental milestones.
  2. Milestones include improved head control, social smiling, increased hand coordination, and vocalization.
  3. Engaging activities like tummy time, sensory play, reaching for toys, peek-a-boo, talking, and stroller walks support developmental progress.


Q1 - What if my baby does not reach all the mentioned milestones by 3 months?

Ans - If your baby does not reach all the mentioned milestones by 3 months, it is important to remember that every baby develops at their own pace. However, it is best to consult your paediatrician if you have concerns about your baby's development. They can provide guidance and support and recommend further evaluation to ensure your baby's healthy development if necessary.

Q2 - When should I be concerned about my baby's sleep patterns at 3 months?

Ans - You should be concerned about your baby's sleep patterns at 3 months if there is a significant and sudden change in their sleep habits, such as persistent difficulty falling asleep, frequent night wakings, or a notable decrease in total sleep duration. Additionally, suppose your baby appears excessively irritable or lethargic due to disrupted sleep. In that case, it is advisable to seek guidance from your paediatrician to address any potential underlying issues and ensure your baby's well-being.

Q3 - What development red flags should I look for in my 3 months baby?

Ans - At 3 months, red flags of development in your baby might include:

• Lack of response to sounds or visual stimuli
• Inability to hold their head up when lying on their stomach
• Not making eye contact or smiling in response to interaction
• Little or no vocalization or attempts at communication
• Significant challenges with feeding, such as difficulty latching or swallowing

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