Bonding Activities for Your Little Ones: Fun-tastic Adventures!
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Importance Of Bonding Kids Activities Between Babies and Parents
Indoor Activities
Outdoor Activities
Key Takeaways
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Giving your kids something to look forward to – like a structured and scheduled playtime helps them develop a healthy and positive attitude towards physical activities and playtime. If your kids are in daycare or school, the kids activities there are planned in a way that gives them structured playtime. But when kids are at home, they usually get busy with screens if unsupervised or end up getting bored. Thus, planning activities for kids at home is equally important. Also, if your child has not yet started school or is on vacation, it calls for your time and effort to plan some activities for kids at home. This article by SuperBottoms will help you plan some activities to do with kids at home. Children may become restless and unsure of what is happening when structuring and routine break down, especially when the babies are very young and cannot fully comprehend what is happening around them. Thus, having the child engaged in some meaningful and enjoyable indoor activities for kids will help bring a feeling of normalcy back.

Importance Of Bonding Kids Activities Between Babies and Parents

Doing activities together helps children and parents bond better.
Kids' creative activities at home help them in developing imagination.
It enhances the emotional and communication connection between you and your kids.
Playing together and creating fun activities for kids helps build trust and security in the parent-child relationship.
It encourages positive behavior and social development.
Playing and doing activities allow kids to learn and develop new skills.
More than anything, fun activities for kids help you create unforgettable moments and memories that will last forever!

Indoor Activities

Here are some indoor activities for kids that you can plan for structured playtime of your kids.

1. Meditation: Have your toddler practice deep breathing techniques or a peaceful shut-eye for a few minutes. This will not work much longer than a few minutes if your child is very young, but even a minute or two might keep you sane when all around you is going crazy!

2. Puzzles: Have a few simple puzzles in a busy bag that your child can go to alone and keep occupied without much assistance. This will help you get your regular chores done in the meantime.

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3. Maker's space: A maker space can be a great idea for times like these. At a low table, set up a tinkering space with some glue, toilet paper tubes, clothing tags, old business cards, scraps of waste cloth, cereal boxes, straws, cardboard, empty bottles, and jars, buttons and bottle caps, newspapers and other items that can make for a great craft project. Let your child go crazy with their imagination!

4. Just Watching: Set up a comfortable chair at a window if you stay in a place with plenty of birds. Have them count the various types of birds that they see. If you live in a busy city away from birds and trees, have them practice watching people or counting objects like black cars, stray dogs, and the number of buses that pass by.

5. Help with cooking: When you have your cooking to do, it can be hard to get things done while also ensuring that the little ones are not turning the house upside down. So, it is a great idea to help them wash veggies before you cut them or keep them busy next to you with dough and some cookie cutters. Making rainbow rice with some food colour is always thrilling for the little ones! Make your baby wear a Waterproof Cloth Bib to avoid messing their clothes up while helping you in the kitchen.

Outdoor Activities

Here are some outdoor activities for kids that you can plan for structured playtime of your kids.

1. Watering plants: Whether you are a complete plant lover and have a vast green space, just a few pots around the house, or have some seeds in your kitchen. You could keep your little one engaged by giving them the responsibility of caring for the plant herself. You can also teach a little science by germinating seeds in the kitchen and showing your little one how plants grow. Make sure your kids are wearing comfortable Everyday Wear while gardening.

2. Bubble Play: Kids love popping bubbles, and sometimes, so do we grownups. Mix some liquid dish soap, 2 tsp sugar, 2 tbsp glycerine, and water to make your child's bubble solution, whether you have a newborn or a toddler! Ensure you do this activity in an open space like a park, veranda, etc., so your baby does not run into furniture and hurt themselves while chasing the bubbles. Also, make them wear Padded Underwear while out to avoid any accidental peeing.

3. Picnic in the Park: Pack a picnic basket with snacks and enjoy a meal outdoors at a local park. Kids can run, play on the playground, and enjoy the fresh air.

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Key Takeaways

1. Schedule and structured playtime encourage children to play and be physically active, which in turn helps them establish healthy routines at home and at daycare or school.

2. Bonding Through Activities: Having creative conversations with children at home improves communication and emotional relationships, increases imagination, builds trust, and creates a sense of security.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Fun: Including outdoor activities like bubble play, watering plants, and picnics in the park, along with indoor activities like crafts, puzzles, and meditation, can help kids stay active, learn new things, and form lifelong memories while adding some enjoyment and normalcy to their everyday routine.


Q1 – Will playing outside in a park or the sun leads to more infections and sickness for my kids?

Ans - Playing outside in a park or the sun does not necessarily lead to more infections for kids. In fact, outdoor play offers numerous health benefits, such as physical exercise, fresh air, and vitamin D production, while practicing good hygiene habits can help minimize the risk of infections.

Q2 – When can I introduce the kitchen play set to my kids?

Ans - You can introduce a kitchen play set to your kids as early as 18 months to 2 years old. At this age, children start to engage in pretend play and imitate activities they see adults do, making it a suitable time to introduce a kitchen play set for imaginative and role-playing activities.

Q3 – How does pretend play help my kid's development?

Ans - Pretend play is super fun for kids and helps them in lots of cool ways. It makes your kids smarter by helping them solve problems, be creative, and understand feelings better. So, when your baby plays make-believe, they are not just having a blast - they are also learning and growing in remarkable ways!

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