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It may feel like just yesterday when you learned that you are pregnant; how time flies! And now you are about to enter the 7th-month of pregnancy; however, the relief felt during the second trimester of pregnancy may start to fade, as you are likely to feel a sense of constant discomfort. If you are wondering how many weeks 7 months pregnant is, it is the 28th week of your pregnancy, with only 12 weeks more to go!

However, in your 7th month, your body is about to undergo significant changes as your uterus relocates all your internal organs. Moreover, your baby is going to touch on some exciting developmental milestones. So, if you are eager to learn about these developments, this article is just for you! We have compiled a detailed guide comprising 7th-month pregnancy symptoms, belly changes, and baby development!

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7th-Month Pregnancy Symptoms

7 months in weeks equals 28 weeks of your pregnancy, which marks the beginning of the third trimester of your pregnancy and the last stretch before you get to see your little one! During the 7th-month pregnancy, your body will undergo significant changes as it is warming up for D-day. You will experience breast tenderness and backaches, and your nipples are likely to leak a yellowish, nutrient-rich fluid that precedes natural breast milk, known as colostrum. Besides, you are likely to experience the following 7-month pregnancy symptoms -

◾ Back pain due to weight gain
◾ Increase in vaginal discharge
◾ Shortness of breath from squashed lungs
◾ Dizziness
◾ Headaches
◾ Gas
◾ Heartburn
◾ Constipation
◾ Round ligament pain or soreness
◾ Swollen ankles and feet
◾ Leg cramps
◾ Frequent Mood swings
◾ Difficulty in walking
◾ Fatigue
◾ Stretch marks
◾ Itchy skin
◾ Frequent urination in pregnancy as your growing uterus pushes the bladder
◾ Braxton Hicks contractions

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However, remember that each pregnancy is unique, so you may or may not experience all or any symptoms at all! But, It is best to be aware of the pregnancy symptoms and avoid the fear of the unknown, that mostly ends up bothering all your mums-to-be. Also, ensure you get enough rest and indulge in self-care once in a while to reduce the effects of some of these symptoms. Moreover, suppose you are experiencing leaky breasts, which is often the most common concern for expectant mothers. In that case, you can try using the SuperBottoms reusable nursing pads, which come as a handy solution!

7th-Month Pregnancy: Baby Development

During the 7th-month pregnancy, your baby continues to grow, occupying more space in your uterus, which is getting cramped. As a result, you will experience your baby’s movements heightened as they feel their elbows, feet, hands, and knees shift and move around, finding a comfortable position for themselves in your womb.

Yet another experience during the 7th-month pregnancy is those tiny little flutters of movement that last for brief periods, which is your baby having hiccups! So yes, babies can get hiccups inside the womb, which is normal. We have highlighted below some more baby developments that may occur during the  7th-month pregnancy-

◾ Weight and Height - Your baby may weigh around 1.5 kg, and their weight may continue to increase, thereby protecting their major body systems and organs. The height of your baby may be anywhere between 30-40 cm.

◾ Personality - Your baby’s intelligence and personality are getting more complex and advanced.

◾ Hearing - Your baby’s sense of hearing has sharpened; this is the best time to bond with your little one by talking or singing to them.

◾ Respiratory system - Your baby’s respiratory system is fully functional at 7 months.

7th-Month Pregnancy: Belly and Body Changes

Your belly will get more prominent by the day as your baby is growing rapidly. Moreover, increasing their weight might give you all those back pains. As the center of gravity changes as your tummy grows, you may feel unsteady while on your feet and even lose the ability to bend over. Your breasts will become heavier, and the veins will likely be more visible. Anxiety and mood swings would be your constant companions, so do not blame yourself for all the emotional rollercoaster you are going through.

7th-Month Pregnancy Tips

While the 7-month pregnancy is likely to be tough on you, here is a quick list of tips to help you plan while coping with all those pregnancy symptoms-

◾ Rest it out - While preparing your house before the baby’s arrival may be on your mind all the time, you also need to get enough rest. You might experience difficulty sleeping as your tummy grows, so try to sleep on your side with pillows supporting your belly and place a pillow between your legs.
◾ Talk about your concerns- With all those pregnancy symptoms, and body changes, it is natural for you to feel overwhelmed and anxious. So the best way to lighten your stress is by openly discussing your concerns and fears with your partner and loved ones.
◾ Learn about labor - Many mums-to-be mistook the Braxton hicks contractions for actual signs of labour at this stage. So it is best to use this time to learn and understand work signs.
◾ Book your Doctor’s appointment - Make sure you book work with your Doctor, which will more likely be twice a month, for a routine checkup for you and your baby’s development.

Key Takeaways

As you enter the last stretch of your pregnancy, which begins at 28 weeks and the 7th month of pregnancy, you will experience many body changes. We hope this article has been informative and helped answer your everyday concerns. Remember that even if the last stretch of your pregnancy journey may seem challenging, the joy of holding your baby is going to be worth every bit of it! So keep yourself tight and ready to embrace your little one soon!

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