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You have seen it in sitcoms and movies, and you might have even experienced this among your expecting friends. The urge and the frequency with which they use the washroom and, in a funny yet painful way, complain about how their baby is constantly pushing against their bladder is common among pregnant women.

In this article, let us understand what frequent urination while pregnant means, the causes of frequent urination in women, and how to balance pregnancy and the constant urge to pee!

Is Frequent Urination a Sign of Pregnancy?

Are you wondering, “Is peeing a lot a sign of pregnancy?” Here’s your answer! Frequent urination in women can indicate various things, and being pregnant is one of them. According to a women’s health expert and MD, Dr. Sherry Ross, frequent urination in first trimester of pregnancy is a very common symptom. Around 99.9% of all pregnant women experience frequent urination during the initial few weeks of their conception.

What Causes Frequent Urination During Pregnancy?

The following are the main causes why expecting moms would be peeing a lot.

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  • Increased Blood Flow – The blood flow and volume of blood increases during pregnancy. Your kidneys will be processing extra fluid to process this increased blood flow, thus resulting in more frequent washroom trips.
  • Hormones – The hormones in your body will manipulate even the simplest functions of your organs and body to accommodate and aid the growing baby inside you. This is also the main reason for frequent urination in early pregnancy.
  • The growing size of your baby – The urge for frequent urination during the  second trimester of pregnancy mainly happens because of the growing size of your baby and the baby weight constantly pushing and squeezing your bladder, thus leaving very little storage space resulting in more frequent washroom visits. Frequent urination during the third trimester of pregnancy is also very common and increased for the same reason.

Tips to Manage Peeing Often While Pregnant

It might not be possible to have a complete regular pee frequency like someone who is not expecting a baby, but a few tips and tricks can help you keep the count of urine during pregnancy under control.

  • Kegel Exercises – By doing your Kegel exercises and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, you are preparing your body for a vaginal birth, but it also helps you gain better control over your urethra, thus increasing the gap between the bathroom breaks.
  • Avoid Fluids Before Bed – Frequent washrooms visits can be irritating, but they can be even more irritating during night-time. Getting up from bed can be a huge task, especially during the final weeks of your pregnancy. Thus, avoid drinking fluids before bedtime to avoid this situation.
  • Avoid Caffeine - Caffeine can make you pee more often; thus, avoid caffeine and sodas in general during pregnancy.
  • Plan in Advance – If you are going out or have a long meeting at work, empty your bladder beforehand to avoid inconveniences later.
  • Lean Forward – While peeing, lean forward to put a bit of pressure on the bladder and empty it completely so that the next trip to the washroom can be delayed a bit.
  • Do Not Avoid / Reduce Water Intake – To control the urge to pee, do not reduce the water intake. This can make you dehydrated and cause constipation. The hard stool will pressure the bladder, and the urge to pee more frequently will still not go away. But dehydration and constipation can cause even more trouble for you.
  • Wear a pad if needed – At times, you might experience leakage when you sneeze or due to pressure even before you reach the washroom. Using a pad to avoid any accidental embarrassment can be of great help in such cases.

Can Pregnancy Peeing Be a Sign of a Problem?

What does frequent urination mean? Is it an indicator of only pregnancy? Although pregnancy and urination go hand in hand, frequent urination can also mean other underlying problems. Here are a few things that frequent urination can indicate.

  • UTI or a Bladder Infection – If the frequent urination is accompanied by a burning sensation, fever, smelly or cloudy pee, this can signify Urinary Tract Infection. Ensure that you discuss the symptoms of a UTI with your gynaecologist, and upon experiencing any, visit the doctor and get yourself checked.
  • Gestational Diabetes – Gestational Diabetes is a temporary form of diabetes that a few women might experience during pregnancy. Usually, between week 24 & week 28, you will be tested for diabetes and insulin tolerance. However, suppose you feel nauseated before this test happens or have excessive fatigue accompanied by a more frequent urge to pee. In that case, you should talk to your doctor and get tested for gestational diabetes.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this symptom

Like every other symptom related to pregnancy, you will have many questions going through your mind about frequent urination.  Let us try to address those FAQs here!

  • What is considered frequent urination in pregnancy?

Well, there is no exact number as to how many times you might need to go pee during a day while expecting a baby. But you will be peeing more than you usually would.

  • When does frequent urination start during pregnancy?

Around the sixth to the eighth week of pregnancy, you will start feeling the urge to pee more frequently.

  • Will I need to pee this often the whole pregnancy?

Some moms-to-be experience that the urge and frequency drop for a few weeks in the second trimester, but as your pregnancy progresses and baby weight increases, this urge and frequency will be back.

  • How often should you pee?

The simple answer is, whenever you need to!

  • When Does Frequent Urination End?

As discussed earlier, the frequency of urination depends on many factors such as hormones, the weight of the growing belly, etc. This frequency will come back to normal when your body adjusts back to the normal hormones level and belly weight and pressure on the bladder. This means it can continue for a few weeks, even after childbirth.

Constantly looking for and running towards a washroom can be funny or even irritating, but it does not have to be painful, and you do not have to suffer just because the growing baby has taken your bladder hostage inside you. There are ways to manage frequent peeing. Remember, cutting back on the water to control the urge to pee again and again is not a healthy choice. Have a happy pregnancy!


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