Grapes During Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Risks


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So is it safe to eat grapes in pregnancy? And the benefits of having grapes in pregnancy are… Benefits your guest gets while having grapes during pregnancy. Red flags you should see while having grapes in pregnancy. Who should avoid eating grapes in pregnancy?

How to enjoy eating grapes in pregnancy?

As a pregnant mother, you have embarked on an extraordinary journey where you sacrificed a lot for your special guest. And today for some reason (or for a long time), you are craving soft, luscious green or black grapes. But then all of a sudden it hits you: Should I even be having grapes in pregnancy? You are not alone.

This topic has been discussed for quite some time, and if you are looking for answers, you’ve landed on the right page. SuperBottoms article will surely answer all of your questions. Do you know anyone else who is expecting? Someone who is thinking twice before having any food? Or perhaps you want to flaunt your knowledge? Make sure you share this article with them as well!

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So is it safe to eat grapes in pregnancy?

Absolutely yes! (Obviously with some terms and conditions). If eaten at a moderate rate, then it might even be healthy for both you and your baby. Because grapes are a rich source of various minerals and vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Are you losing your mucus plug during pregnancy? Read this article and know your next steps:

And the benefits of having grapes in pregnancy are...

When grapes are eaten at a moderate rate and/or along with other fruits - they can be very healthy for you and your newborn baby. It’s no secret that grapes contain various nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are very essential for keeping you both safe from various diseases and illnesses.

A. Helps you prevent constipation - The higher water content level and presence of fibre in grapes help mom battle constipation.

B. Reduce muscle cramping - The Magnesium content in grapes has been proven to be of great help in reducing muscle cramps during pregnancy.

C. Protects your immunity - Your immunity system is at risk during pregnancy. The presence of antioxidants and Vitamin C in grapes keeps your immunity system safe.

D. Protects your heart too - During pregnancy, the chances of getting heart disease are more. Polyphenol, an antioxidant, helps you with beating heart disease. They also help you manage blood flow and keep your blood vessels flexible and safe - which prompts having healthy blood circulation.

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Benefits your guest gets while having grapes in pregnancy

Till now we saw how the goodies present in grapes can help you prevent various diseases and health complications. But along with the mom, the baby in the foetus also benefits from eating grapes. While grapes during pregnancy are usually safe for both mother and unborn baby, it should be also noted that grapes contain an antioxidant - Resveratrol. This antioxidant is usually present in grape skin and is known to fight off the fungus.

While you can find resveratrol in different types of grapes, dark red and purple colour grapes have a higher percentage of concentration. But you don’t have to worry. Resveratrol is usually safer for babies (and also healthy) if taken in small amounts. 1 cup of grapes usually has 0.24 to 1.25 milligrams of resveratrol - and it’s just enough for your unborn baby to have a happy and healthy heart.

Note: Pregnant women should not take resveratrol as a supplement as it has 250 to 500 milligrams of resveratrol which is not at all safe for the foetus. As mentioned earlier, grapes are out of the danger zone. But even if you are not sure about it then you can always go for green grapes. As they have less amount of resveratrol compared to black or red grapes.

1. Goodies passed on: Thanks to Vitamin B, more nutritional contents are passed onto your unborn baby.

2. Nervous system: You can find natural sodium balance in grapes that helps develop a baby's nervous system.

3. Eyesight: The presence of Vitamin A and Flavanol in grapes helps develop your foetus' eyesight.

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Red flags you should see while having grapes in pregnancy

Remember what we said in the beginning about the terms and conditions of eating grapes during pregnancy? Well, here there are and this is something you can’t skip to the end. Just like any other food (or fruits) overeating is a bad habit and especially during pregnancy. Grapes are high in sugar and calories, hence overeating grapes can cause bloating or weight gain which is not healthy when you are pregnant. Weight gain invites pregnancy complications and hence it should be avoided at all costs.

Overconsumption of grapes can also make your unborn baby big (especially during the 3rd trimester) and thus creates complications during delivery and also increases the chances of C - section delivery. Apart from weight gain and other complications, overconsumption of grapes increases the chances of gestational diseases (when your body can’t produce enough insulin during pregnancy). And this also increases your chance of getting type 2 diabetes later in your life. Do you know what the 3rd trimester is? Read this article to know more.

Who should avoid eating grapes in pregnancy?

If the pregnant mother is any one of the following then they should avoid grapes during pregnancy:

1. If they are obese/overweight.
2. If they are already facing digestive issues.
3. If their family or the mother herself has a history of diabetes.
4. If she is allergic or shows any allergic reaction to grapes.

How to enjoy eating grapes in pregnancy?

Now that you know it is safe for you to have grapes during pregnancy, it’s time to know how to enjoy the soft and pulpy sweet flavour of grapes. Make sure to wash and clean your grapes properly. If you are concerned about resveratrol, then you can peel off the grapes’ cover (because the cover of the grapes contains resveratrol). It is recommended to eat grapes as a fruit and not as a drink/juice. There is a chance of not getting 100% of the natural benefits of grapes if taken as a juice.

Also, the juice is higher in sugar, so it should be avoided by expecting moms. But you can incorporate grapes in your diet as a form of fruit salad, yoghurt etc. Most of us love grapes and yes, it is safer to have grapes when you are pregnant. But like any other food, you should be very careful with your consumption as overeating anything is bad for you and your tiny guest inside.

But if all the precautions are understood and taken care of, you can enjoy the soft and juicy flavour of grapes during pregnancy. Do you have any questions for us? Our #TeamOfMoms would happily answer your queries!


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