UNO 2.0 – The Curious Case of Baby Sizes!


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Fun Fact: As babies grow taller, the diaper SuperBottoms UNO 2.0 may actually fit on a smaller size setting than the one before!

Wondering why UNO 2.0?

As babies grow, they start getting active. They get taller and leaner. This change affects a shift in the snap sizes in the reverse direction. Babygrows, snap size settings move towards smaller size!

But even this is not the gospel truth.

Then what is the principle behind cloth diaper sizing for babies? Does it involve head breaking physics calculations (Sheldon Cooper, are you listening!?) or is it an age-old secret passed down across generations?

Thankfully, we didn’t have to seek physicists, nor the secret diaries of ancestors!

One of the most efficient routes to innovation lies in effective customer engagement.

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Bummy’s Lab – our Innovation Centre – is where we found the solution. When we introduced the SnapEasy® system and did away with the rise settings panel on the front – the functionality of the diaper remained the same. The fire test pending was the sizing dynamics that the UNO 2.0 was designed to have.

Thanks to all the parents (more than 200!) who voluntarily participated to help test & improve the beta version of UNO 2.0 – We called it Dream UNO as the pre-launch codename.

These 200 babies helped us test the Dream SuperBottoms Freesize UNO diapers across a broad spectrum of age, build & weight permutations & combinations! Because of eliminating the rise settings panel at the front, it was looking deceptively small.

The parents were asked to use the newborn diaper as vigorously as possible, in as many differing conditions as possible.

After implementing feedback-based design improvisations and changed, at the end of the testing phase, we had firmly concluded that the 2 rows of simple rise settings that have been provided at the waist are perfectly sufficient to accommodate all size / age requirements and adjust thigh sizing also as the diaper can be further tightened or loosened with the help of snaps.

Thank you to the SuperPassionate parents who helped create the perfect loop from customer feedback to innovation!

Can’t wait to meet more of you in Bummy’s Lab’s next project!


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