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March 14, 2022

Bummy’s Lab - A creator’s space for innovative product development

As a parent-led company, we are always passionate about baby care, conscious parenting & planet loving. SuperBottoms is a trusted baby care brand of 1sts, and we’re super obsessed with creating innovative & intuitive products made with love & sustainable practices. At SuperBottoms, we believe that necessity is the mother of invention, & that along with experience, research & intuition has brought out many new inventions with our SuperBottoms products

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Ever wanted to change the world? Well, this is your chance. Get your name next to an innovative product that will keep the babies & the planet safe & sound. Be the change you always desired to be! And get rewarded with an e-certificate too! The super confidential & classified zone of Bummy’s Lab let’s you buy the latest products to review & co-create the product with SuperBottoms.

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