Stock Up Diapering Essentials Bundle with Baby Wipes
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Winter Essentials 40 baby Wipes 3x thick
Winter Stock Up Essentials Bundle for FSUNO pads
Winter Stock Up Essentials Bundle!

Stock Up Essentials for UNO Cloth Diaper!

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Ideal for: Freesize UNO

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Now you will not need to get up in the night to change the inserts or UNO for your little one with Stock Up Diapering Essentials Bundle with Baby Wipes. Uninterrupted sleep in cozy winters with the UNO Extras Must Have Pack! Also, make diaper cleaning super easy with Easy Clean Top Sheets. This pack contains:

- 12 items combo - 2 Dry Feel Magic Pad + 2 Booster Pad + 2 Very Heavy Wetter Booster + 6 Easy Clean Top Sheets + XtraHydrating® Wipes-40 Pack

- 6 items combo - 1 Dry Feel Magic Pad + 1 Booster Pad + Very Heavy Wetter Booster + 3 Easy Clean Top Sheets + XtraHydrating® Wipes-40 Pack

Make your UNO Cloth Diaper more absorbent with:


Set of foldable quick-drying Dry Feel Pads to be used with SuperBottoms Freesize UNO

1 Dry Feel Magic Pad + 1 Booster Pad.

Dry Feel Magic Pad consists of 12 layers (after folding) of GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton with a Super DryFeel layer on top to keep baby’s bum dry. Booster Pad is made of 8 layers of Organic Cotton to be used in addition to the Dry Feel Magic Pad for boosting the absorbency of the SuperBottoms Freesize UNO, making it ideal for nighttime use. Foldable design to make the pads dry very fast, making it ideal for monsoon, winter seasons.

Note: Product Design is a Registered Trademark with SuperBottoms. Imitating this product design is legally prohibited.

Note: These Easy Clean Top Sheets DONOT have any absorbency- These are easy clean top sheet, aka diaper liners - they help make cloth diaper cleaning easy! 


Very heavy wetter booster pad is for very heavy wetting babies, especially for nighttime diapering. SuperBottoms Very Heavy Wetter Booster Pad now comes pre-prepped for immediate use and is made out of 5-layer organic hemp and cotton fabric which is a super absorbent fabric.

When to use: If your SuperBottoms UNO with Dry Feel Magic Pad and Booster Pad gets full in less than 8 hours during the night, then your baby is a very heavy wetter, and we recommend using this pad.

Make Poop Cleaning Super Easy with: EASY CLEAN TOP SHEETS

Makes cleaning of pooped UNO super easy! Easy Clean Top Sheets- these sheets are placed over UNO Dry Feel Magic Pad and are essentially Super DryFeel sheets to keep the baby’s bums dry.

Approx Size Dimension: 33-35cm×14-16 cm

SuperBottoms Easy Clean Top Sheets come in handy when you use creams/ lotions or other medications on your baby. An essential product to prevent the chemicals, perfumes, or medications from affecting the UNO’s absorbency. They provide a dry feel to the baby. 

XtraHydrating® Wipes
Give your little bundle of joy the gentlest care & protection it deserves with SuperBottoms XtraHydrating® Wipes - the best baby wipes in India. It has the purity & goodness of homemade wipes, like cotton & water.

Made with Premium Plant-based biodegradable fabric, it is extra safe for your baby & the Planet. Enriched with 98% Pure Water & Calendula Oil extracts - which helps in soothing irritated skin or rashes in babies.

Size- 20cm x 15cm

1. Best Before: Within 24 months from the date of manufacture.
2. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
3. While the wipes are as pure as cotton and water, we recommend keeping it away from direct reach of babies.
4. The wipes are dermatologically tested; however, we still recommend a patch test is before using.

Note: The Dry Feel Magic Pad you receive may have Blue or White coloured Super DryFeel Layer, basis stock availability. Rest assured, its super performance and functionality remain exactly the same!

Product Specification

Color : White, Multicolor
Material : 100% Organic Cotton with SuperDryFeel 100% poly fleece center top layer
Age Group : newborn, infant, toddler

Shipping Weight: 715g

How to
Intellectual Property Disclaimer

Disclaimer: The [SnapEasy/ SmartFastening] system of UNO diaper is a patent pending product owned and filed by Navashya Consumer Products Private Limited. It is the responsibility of all individuals, and / or organizations, to take all reasonable measures to ensure their actions avert potential infringement with the applicable territorial patent laws they work within. Failure to take all reasonable steps to avert patent infringement may result in legal liability to the subject person(s) and or organization(s) found infringing on product patents.


Stock Up Essentials for UNO Cloth Diaper!

₹ 1,499 Regular price

Customer Reviews

Based on 513 reviews
Mithun Thomas

Dry Feel Magic Pad + Booster Pad Combos

Hi Mithun Thomas,
Your review is the fuel that keeps us going! Discover more SuperBottoms products for a delightful parenting journey. We're here to assist whenever you need us. Reach out to us via WhatsApp at 9702314940.
Warm Regards,
Team SuperBottoms

gowthami Kante

I purchased 5 freesize UNO cloth diapers, and dryfeel langot pack of 6.. really loved it. thank you.

Hello Gowthami,

Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated! Let SuperBottoms be your go-to destination for all things parenting. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact us at 9702314940.

Best wishes,
Team SuperBottoms

Bhakti Rane Shinde

Dry Feel Magic Pad - Pack of 2

Dear Bhakti,

We're overjoyed by your fantastic rating! Thank you for choosing SuperBottoms. If you ever need assistance or want to explore more of our products, feel free to connect with us at 7499025345.

Warm regards,
Team SuperBottoms

Dhanyashree D L

I like cloth very soft and comfortable

Hi Dhanyashree

We are happy when we get such positive replies. It motivates us to reach more and more parents and encourage even more families to cloth diapering. For any queries or assistance, please reach out to us at 7499025345 our Cloth Diapering Helpline. We are always ready to help!
Team SuperBottoms

arthi Kannan
Awesome absorption all over the night

This is my 3 Rd purchase with SB team...really worthy and trusted product to buy which is safe for babies tooo...

Hi Arthi Kannan,

Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated! Let SuperBottoms be your go-to destination for all things parenting. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact us at 9819313426 or via WhatsApp at 7499025345.

Best wishes,
Team SuperBottoms


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