Top 5 Cloth Diaper Myths Busted


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You are not alone if you are considering using the best cloth diapers for babies but are concerned about the problems, issues, and obstacles you might face. Understanding what is not true about cloth diapers will allow you to make an informed decision about your diapering method. You'll see below that cloth diapers are comparable to disposables and superior in many ways. (And not just for the environment.)

Cloth diapering is a broad concept. As new parents, getting lost in our own set of cloth and diapering misunderstandings is easy. So, since you're curious, let's dive into some common cloth diaper myths that we've debunked.

Myth#1: “It's Gross”

No. It isn’t! Cloth diapering is easy; as for washable cloth diapers, you need a decent stash and a good wash routine. Please don't wash the diapers separately. You can wash them with all your regular clothes in a washing machine. Our parents have successfully cloth-diapered even on vacations. You can just read on further to get some tips here.

Once your baby poops, you can scoop off the poop using a jet spray and rinse in a wash basin. Store them in a dry bucket or Multipurpose Organizer till laundry time. See, didn’t we tell you it's easy peasy?

Myth#2: “It affects the milestones of babies.”

According to a common myth that exists, reusable diapers can cause developmental problems in babies. Some claim they cause gross motor milestones such as sitting, crawling, and walking to be delayed, while others claim they cause the hip joint to form abnormally Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip or DDH. Nada! Cloth diapers/UNOs in no way affect the growth and milestones of babies. Every baby is different, and they take their own time in turning, crawling, sitting, or walking and washable cloth diapers can’t be blamed for the same.

Myth#3: “It is old-fashioned.”

Of course, our grandmas did it! But only because those days, disposable diapers weren’t an option. But the concept of cloth diapers has now been revamped, and this generation calls it UNO.

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Myth#4: “Cloth diapers are expensive.”

Cloth diapers, unlike disposable diapers, only need to be purchased once and will last for one, two, or even three children. That investment will quickly pay for itself without the ongoing cost of disposable diapers. A single disposable diaper will cost you about 10-15 rupees; in a single day, you’ll need 5 diapers. So you'll spend between 45,000 and 50,000 rupees over three years.

You may believe that cloth diapers are costly, but disposable diapers are far more expensive in the long run. Although the initial cost may appear a little high, you can test whether cloth diapering will work for you by starting with fewer of the best cloth diapers for babies. Here’s an approx. Math:

In 3 years - 16 UNO x Rs 800 = Rs 10800


5 disposables/day x 900 days x Rs 10 = Rs 45000

More than 70% savings! We're building sandcastles in the air with all that money, and you?

Myth#5: They leak

A big no to this myth as well. Disposable diapers leak and most parents have faced poop blowouts in disposables. If UNO Diapers are correctly used, they won't leak as they come with a Multi-size Waterproof Outer. You may like:

How to get a perfect cloth diapering experience. There you have it, the top 5 cloth diaper myths busted! We hope this helps you either decide to use UNO or help you convince your loved ones that cloth diapers aren't as crazy as they think.


1. Research and Understanding: Understanding what is not true about cloth diapers will allow you to make an informed decision about your diapering method.
2. It's Easy: Cloth diapering is pretty easy; as for washable cloth diapers, you only need a decent stash and a good wash routine.
3. Disposables Leak: Disposable diapers leak as most parents have faced poop blowouts in disposables.


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