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Top 5 Cloth Diaper Myths Busted

Cloth Diapering is a fairly vast concept. As new parents, we are bound to get lost in our set of confusions about cloth diapering. Here are a few cloth diaper myths that we have busted.

Myth#1 : “Its Gross”

No. It isn’t!

Cloth diapering is pretty easy. All you need is a decent stash and a good wash routine. You need not wash the diapers separately. You can wash them with all your regular clothes in a washing machine. Our parents have successfully cloth diapered even on vacations. Read on further here to get some tips. 

Once your baby poops, you can scoop off the poop using a jet spray and rinse in a wash basin. Store them in a dry bucket or Waterproof Cloth Bag till laundry time. See, didn’t we tell you it's easy peasy?

Myth#2: “It affects the milestones of babies”

Nada! Cloth diapers/UNOs in no way affect the growth and milestones of babies. Every baby is different and they take their own time in turning, crawling, sitting or walking & cloth diapers can’t be blamed for the same.

Myth#3: “It is old fashioned”

Of course our grandmas did it! But only because those days disposable diapers weren’t really an option. But the concept of cloth diapers have now been revamped and this generation calls it UNO. Want to know how? (LINK- Blog : Get your Babies the Leak Proof Cloth Diapers!)

Myth#4: “Cloth diapers are expensive”

Here’s an approx. math: 

In 3 years - 16 UNO x Rs 800 = Rs 10800 


5 disposables/day x 900 days x Rs 10 = Rs 45000 

That's 74% saving! We're building sandcastles in the air with all that money, and you? 

Myth#5: They leak

A big no to this myth as well. In fact, it's disposable diapers that leak and most parents have faced poop blowouts in disposables. If UNOs are used properly, they won't leak at all as they come with a Multi-size Waterproof Outer. Read how to get a perfect cloth diapering experience.

There you have it, the top 5 cloth diaper myths busted!

We hope this helps you either decide to use UNO or help you convince your loved ones that cloth diapers aren't as crazy as they think!

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