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Common Misconceptions Around Cloth Diapers for Newborn
Top 5 Myths Busted
Key Takeaways
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You are not the only one if you are thinking about using the best cloth diapers for your baby but are worried about the problems you might face. Knowing the truth about cloth diapers will help you decide how to exclusively cloth diaper your baby. You will find that baby cloth diapers are just as good as disposables and even better in many ways. And it is not just about helping the environment.

Using cloth diapers can be confusing for new parents like you. It is easy to get mixed up in all the myths and misunderstandings about cloth diapering. So, since you are interested, let us talk about some common cloth diaper myths that we have proven wrong. This article by SuperBottoms will help you debunk the 5 biggest myths about cloth diapers. But before we get into that, let us have a look at the most common misconceptions about cloth diapers you might have heard or read as a word of caution.

Common Misconceptions Around Cloth Diapers for Newborn

1. Although they may look complicated at first, their modern designs make using cloth diapers simple and do not require any complicated folding like pre-folds or homemade langots. You will discover that cloth diapers may be just as handy as disposables with the correct fit and maintenance.

2. Some people think cloth diapers are less absorbent than disposables, but leaks can be minimized with the right type of inserts and proper changing routine. You will see that modern reusable cloth diapers are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable.

3. Although it can seem challenging, cleaning cloth diapers is not as difficult as you might assume. Maintaining clean cloth diapers may be doable and environmentally beneficial with a few easy washing procedures and the appropriate detergent.

4. While the initial cost of newborn cloth diapers can be higher, in the long run, you will save money compared to buying disposables constantly. Plus, many families find that investing in cloth diapers pays off over time.

5. Contrary to popular belief, contemporary cloth diapers are made to be lightweight and cosy for babies. You will find that cloth diapers may be just as comfortable for your child as disposables with the correct fit and customizable features.

Top 5 Myths about Cloth Diapering

Let's take a look at the top 5 myths about cloth diapers.

Myth No. 1 – Cloth diapers are inconvenient.

Modern cloth diapering systems can be convenient for you as a parent. These diapers come in user-friendly designs that are easy to put on and remove your baby. With features like adjustable snaps and Velcro closures, you can customize the fit for your little one without any complicated folding or pinning required. Additionally, many cloth diaper brands offer convenient options like all-in-one diapers or pocket diapers that are as simple as disposables.

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Regarding cost, cloth diapers can save you significant money in the long run. While the initial investment may be higher than buying disposable diapers, reusable cloth diapers can be used for multiple children or resold after your baby is out of diapers. This cost-effective approach can lead to substantial savings over time, especially if you plan to have more than one child.

Regarding environmental impact, cloth diapers are an eco-friendlier choice than disposables. Using cloth diapers can significantly reduce the waste sent to landfills, as disposable diapers can take hundreds of years to decompose. Cloth diapers can be reused multiple times, and some families even choose to compost biodegradable inserts, further reducing their environmental footprint. Switching to cloth diapers can be a positive step towards a more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family.

Myth No. 2 – Cloth diapers are less effective than disposable diapers.

In terms of absorbency and leaking, disposable diapers can sometimes be surpassed by cloth diapers in effectiveness. With cutting-edge fabrics like microfiber, hemp, or bamboo inserts, modern cloth diapers are made to swiftly absorb moisture and keep your baby dry for extended periods. Because of their great absorption capacity and capacity to contain a large volume of liquid, these materials lessen the likelihood of leaks and blowouts. Cloth diapers can offer superior leak prevention when used correctly and with absorbent inserts, especially at night.

In terms of advancements in cloth diaper technology, there have been significant improvements over the years. Many cloth diaper brands now offer innovative features like double gussets, elastic leg openings, and waterproof outer layers to enhance leak protection and containment. Additionally, you can find customizable options such as adjustable rise snaps and crossover snaps for a snug and secure fit. Some modern cloth diapers also come with stay-dry linings or moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day. Technological advancements have made cloth diapering more convenient and reliable for parents like you.

Myth No. 3 – Cloth diapers are difficult to clean.

When it comes to cleaning cloth diapers, there are a few different methods you can choose from. One common approach is to pre-rinse soiled diapers in the toilet before storing them in a wet bag or pail until laundry day. You can then wash the diapers in your washing machine using a gentle detergent and hot water to clean them thoroughly.

To maintain and wash cloth diapers effectively, it is crucial to establish a routine that works for you. Make sure to wash your diapers every 2-3 days to prevent stains and odours from setting in. Avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or harsh chemicals that can reduce the absorbency of the diapers and irritate your baby's skin.

Sun drying your cloth diapers can help remove stains and freshen them up naturally while providing antibacterial benefits. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing and caring for your specific cloth diaper brand to ensure longevity and optimal performance. By following these tips and staying consistent with your diaper washing routine, you can keep your cloth diapers clean, fresh, and ready for reuse.

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Myth No. 4 – Cloth diapers cause more rashes than disposables.

Using cloth diapers can help reduce diaper rash for your baby. Cloth diapers are made of breathable materials like cotton or bamboo, which allow for better air circulation and reduce moisture against your baby's skin. This can help prevent the development of diaper rash, as the skin is less likely to become irritated and inflamed.

Changing your baby's diaper frequently is vital to keep their skin dry and clean to prevent and treat diaper rash while using cloth diapers. Use a diaper cream or ointment that is safe for cloth diapers and free of zinc oxide, as this can cause buildup and affect absorbency. When washing cloth diapers, use a gentle detergent free of fragrances and dyes to avoid irritating your baby's sensitive skin.
Allowing your baby's bottom to air out regularly without a diaper can also help prevent and heal diaper rash. If your baby does develop a rash, consider using cloth diaper-friendly rash creams with natural ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter to soothe and protect their skin. Following these tips and maintaining good diapering hygiene can help keep your baby comfortable and rash-free while using cloth diapers.

Myth No. 5 – Cloth diapers are too expensive.

Using cloth diapers can lead to significant cost savings for you as a parent. While the initial investment in cloth diapers may be higher than in disposables, reusable cloth diapers can be used for an extended period, especially if you plan to have more children. This means you will not have to constantly buy new packs of disposable diapers, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, cloth diapers can be resold or passed on to other families once your child outgrows them, further maximizing your savings.

Regarding budget-friendly options for cloth diapering, there are several ways to save money. You can look for sales discounts or buy cloth diapers in bulk to lower the cost per diaper. You can also explore second-hand cloth diaper marketplaces as cost-effective alternatives to buying new diapers. By being savvy with your cloth diaper purchases and exploring different budget-friendly options, you can enjoy the financial benefits of using cloth diapers for your baby.


1. Research and Understanding: Understanding what is not true about cloth diapers will allow you to make an informed decision about your diapering method.

2. It is Easy: Cloth diapering is easy; you only need a decent stash and a good wash routine for washable cloth diapers.

3. Disposables Leak: Disposable diapers leak as most parents have faced poop blowouts in disposables.


Q1 - Do cloth diapers affect the milestones of babies?

Ans - Using cloth diapers does not affect the milestones of babies. Your baby's development is influenced by genetics, environment, and care, not the type of diaper they wear. If your baby is loved, cared for, and provided with a nurturing environment, they will continue to reach their milestones at their own pace.

Q2 – Do cloth diapers leak easily?

Ans - Cloth diapers can leak if they are not fitted correctly or if they are not changed frequently enough. With the right fit and absorbent inserts, cloth diapers can be as leak-proof as disposables. Ensuring a snug fit and changing your baby's diaper regularly can minimize the risk of leaks while using cloth diapers.

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