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Let Them Be, Let Them Grow!


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Once you become a parent, your child's safety, development, and overall well-being becomes your topmost priority. We baby-proof our homes, furniture, cars. Even our home equipment becomes more baby-friendly. 

The kind of toys & activities we choose, the kind of entertainment we prefer, all becomes oriented towards the development of our babies. We track milestones; we compare each activity of theirs against age-appropriate developmental milestones & flags. 

While this is absolutely necessary, one should also ensure that we don’t overdo it. A balance of structured play, intervention, free play and just letting kids be is the key to the overall development of a child. 

But why is it important to give kids free playtime & letting them be?

  • ▪ It helps kids explore the environment on their own, thus learning a lot of new things.
  • ▪ Kids will make mistakes and thus learn what NOT to do if they are left to play without a structure.
  • ▪ Kids will gain more confidence by having small wins of exploring things on their own.
  • ▪ Their creativity also improves if they create and explore on their own. 
  • ▪ Free play encourages the expressions of views & experiences. 
  • ▪ Kids connect with nature and outdoors if free play is experienced in open spaces outside the home. 
  • ▪ Kids might discover new interests and passions during free playtime. 

The benefits are much more beyond this, on a psychological as well as emotional level. 

We asked our SuperBottoms family members to share their stories of how they witnessed their kids achieve and learn when they were comfortable and when parents let them be. With more than 100 entries, we read some amazing stories, some amazing pictures of kids achieving milestones, learning new skills, and just having fun. Join the community HERE and read those amazing entries. And in comments, let us know how you ensure that your kids achieve a lot more when they are comfortable and when you let them be. 

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