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Get Rid of Baby Gas fast: Signs, Causes, Remedies


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The gas problem in newborn babies is a very common one. Almost every new mother seeks help on how to get rid of baby gas fast during the initial weeks and months of parenting if they have a gassy newborn. Newborn gas is just the air in the stomach that your baby swallows during the feeding. Newborn gas at times takes a few seconds to pass and becomes trouble for the baby. We need to be extra careful while feeding the baby to avoid this situation. Not every child would necessarily face the newborn gas problem. It depends on the digestive system of the baby as well. As the newborn's digestive system matures, the issue also gets decreasing. In this article, let's now discuss the details of the causes and learn how to get rid of baby gas fast. 

1. Baby Gas Signs & Symptoms 

Usually, gas is not a significant matter of concern. Passing gas is a natural process for us human beings. Every person produces and eliminates digestive gasses. A newborn gas problem is expected as a baby's digestive system is immature and takes time to adapt. So, before we dive into how to get rid of baby gas fast, let us look at the symptoms and signs of a newborn gas.

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  • ▪ Uncomfortable & Fussy Baby

    You may find your baby uncomfortable and fussy more than usual. If they keep pulling up their legs and squirming, newborn gas is not ready to pass.
  • ▪ Excessive Crying

    A crying baby is just part of a new parent's life. But if you find your baby crying for an exceptionally long time, it could be because of struck gas which is troubling the tiny one.
  • ▪ Tight Stomach

    When the gas cannot easily pass, it gets collected in the stomach and makes the abdomen tight and bloated for the baby. The tummy is full of gas which is ready to pass. It is essential to know how to get rid of gas fast as it's very troubling for your newborn baby.

2. Baby Gas Causes

There are various reasons for newborn babies to experience gas troubles. However, as discussed in the earlier section, gas in newborns is prevalent in newborn babies. Therefore, let's look at some important and common gas causes in a newborn baby.

  • ▪ Immature Digestive System

    Newborn baby's digestive system is usually not thoroughly developed. The gas gets stuck in the digestive tract, which results in pain.
  • ▪ Incorrect Latch

    If the latch while breastfeeding is wrong, your baby may swallow extra air. If the baby is fed with a feeding bottle, the latch position is also something you need to keep in your mind. This is important as excessive air while feeding may cause gas.
  • ▪ Digestive Issues

    The body of newborn babies is still learning to digest new kinds of food; hence they tend to get more gas issues than adults. Sometimes gas problems can also occur due to some troubling gastrointestinal virus. After you start solid food for your baby, foods that cause gas in babies can also be a big reason. 
  • ▪ Introducing New Food

    If your baby is sensitive toward a particular food item, that food item may cause gas. If your baby has gas after having a specific food item that causes gas in newborns, you need to talk to the doctor, find a solution, and avoid that food item.


3. Remedies For Baby Gas Relief

Gas relief for your baby is very important as it can be excruciating at times. Therefore, every new mother should learn how to get rid of gas fast. Here are a few quick remedies which may help you understand how to get rid of your kid's gas.

  • ▪ Burping

    Burping your child should become a habit for you after every feed. One of the most straightforward and most useful methods of how to get rid of baby gas fast, burping helps relieve extra gas.
  • ▪ Stomach Cycling

     Once you feed your baby, help them with some leg and tummy exercises. Just move the legs in a circular motion like we do cycling. This exercise is your answer to the question, "How to get rid of baby gas fast?" Babies usually enjoy these cycling motions and have fun.
  • ▪ Tummy Time

    Make sure you give good tummy time to your baby. Gently massaging the tummy in an upward position and lying the baby on the stomach side helps ease the gas pain. 
  • ▪ Avoid Frantic Feeding

    Always try to feed the baby before they are starving. If your baby cries loud enough due to hunger, they may swallow air which may cause a gas problem. 
  • ▪ Home Remedies

    Few home remedies also work for gas in newborns. You may apply hing mixed with warm water on the navel. It helps in releasing gas which is trapped. And slightly warm cloth massage also helped in many cases.


4. Can Breastfeeding Make A Baby Gassy

If the mother has a sound reflex system of milk flow, the baby might gulp the milk in excess and swallow extra air, which may cause gas. No evidence has proved that breastfeeding mothers' eating habits can cause gas to the newborn. But to be on the safer side, breastfeeding mothers should check their diet as it may affect the baby's digestion to help gas relief for newborns. They should cut down foods that are gassy in nature like beans, cabbage broccoli, sprouts, fish, etc. These foods produce more gas and when the baby is breastfed, it may cause gas to them. You can also check our article about Healthy Foods For Breastfeeding Mothers.

When To Consult A Doctor For Baby Gas

Though gas issues in the newborn are treatable, there are severe issues when we have to check with the doctor immediately. We should try treatable remedies, but it doesn't work for you. So, if you see the symptoms in your baby, consult the doctor on how to relieve baby gas.

  • ▪ The baby is not gaining weight.
  • ▪ No stool or constipation when the baby is constipated; you may consult a doctor. 
  • ▪ Fussy eater; if your baby is hungry but not ready to be fed. 
  • ▪ Excessive crying is when your baby is unstoppable and cries out for hours.
  • ▪ When the fever exceeds 100.4 and less than 98.4, your baby should be taken to the doc.

Although passing gas is a natural process and a part of human beings, it can also be easily treated if they cause issues. Every new mother should learn how to get rid of gas fast as few babies have more than their fair share of this trouble. A gassy newborn may feel pain but sadly cannot communicate the same. So, keep a check on what is causing gas. Once the baby grows, these problematic gastric days will be history once the baby turns into a toddler. So meanwhile, gentle management and attention are required when you see any gas issue symptoms.

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