Yes! SuperBottoms XtraHydrating™ Wipes are dermatologically tested and 100% safe for baby’s sensitive & rash prone skin. It is also safe for premature babies.

Yes! These wipes are made from premium plant-based fabric and are biodegradable in nature. They are safe for your baby and the Planet too.

Yes absolutely! SuperBottoms XtraHydrating™ Wipes have the purity and goodness of homemade wipes, like cotton and water. You can safely use them to clean a baby’s face and hands.

1. Do these wipes contain harmful chemicals?

No! These wipes are alcohol-free, paraben-free, and unscented.


2. How many wipes does a single pack contain?

SuperBottoms XtraHydrating™ Wipes come in 2 sizes. A pack with 40 wipes and another with 72 wipes.


3. Can I use these wipes for other purposes?

Yes! Since they are dermatologically tested and infused with 98% Pure Water and Calendula Oil, you can use them for other purposes like - makeup removal, cleaning toys etc.

4. How to prevent the wipes from drying out?

The pack of SuperBottoms XtraHydrating™ Wipes comes with a resealable flap.

Follow the steps to keep the wipes from drying out.

1) Peel the resealable sticker on the pack and pull out the wipes

2) Reseal the sticker after each use.


Tip: Store the pack in a cool & dry place and away from direct sunlight.