SuperBottoms SuperSoft Underwear is made of 60% Cotton and 40% Modal - both super sustainable and natural fabrics. Slight discolouration after the first wash (up to 5%) is natural. However, there is no bleeding of colours and your SuperSoft Underwear will continue to look brand new!

Cotton and Modal both are natural fabrics. Moreover, the dyes used in all SuperBottoms products are certified AZO-free dyes, thus would not cause irritation or rashes to your baby's skin.

SuperSoft Underwear by SuperBottoms is India’s softest underwear for kids to match their active lifestyle. The wonderful blend of cotton and modal makes it 2X SOFTER than regular underwear. It also makes it ULTRA BREATHABLE and EXCELLENT AT SWEAT ABSORPTION helping your kids' skin breathe. Thanks to AZO-FREE dyes, it's very gentle on your kid's skin! Kids can wear SuperSoft Underwear beneath their daywear or even by themselves during the night for complete comfort all day long.

How is SuperSoft Underwear different from Padded Underwear?
SuperSoft Underwear are regular, non padded Underwear for kids ideal for kids who are potty trained. Unlike Padded Underwear SuperSoft Underwear do not hold pee/poop. This underwear cannot be used for toilet training toddlers.

What is the difference between the different types of SuperSoft Underwear?
For ages 2-4 years, the designs are unisex - they can be used for boys and girls alike. Beyond 4 years, we have different patterns for girls and boys based on the anatomy of kids of that age group. 

In which all sizes are these available?

SuperSoft Underwear by SuperBottoms offers you different styles of underwear to suit your child’s needs - Briefs, Bloomers and Trunks.

Our Unisex collection is ideal for kids aged between 2 and 4 years. We also have underwear for girls and boys aged between 4 and 8 years.

The attached measurement specifications could be of great help while selecting an appropriate size for your little one.  

What is the material of SuperSoft Underwear?

SuperSoft Underwear, as the name suggests, is super comfortable for daily wear. We have ensured it by using Cotton & Modal which is very soft on skin. The super cute prints available in SuperSoft Underwear are printed using Azo-free dyes.


How are these different from other regular kids underwear available in shops/online?

SuperSoft Underwear is a vision of mothers themselves. These are made using a blend of Cotton and Modal, which is a very premium and soft composition for underwear. It's ultra-breathable, super stretchable, and the material absorbs sweat efficiently, so your kids can stay irritation-free all day!

They are not just comfortable but are eye-catching too. They come in cute prints, but no harmful dyes or chemicals are used. They are printed with AZO-free dyes, which are skin-friendly.  


What is meant by gentle seams?

SuperSoft Underwear has minimal seams, with no scratchy tags or stitches which may bother the child.


What are AZO Free dyes?

In simple words, AZO-free dyes are skin-friendly dyes that are extremely safe on your little one's delicate skin.


Do they stretch a lot?

The fabric is stretchy for your kids' comfort and to let them be active all-day long, but does not lose its shape post usage and wash.


How do I wash these?

You may wash SuperSoft Underwear with your regular laundry or choose to hand wash the same.


Do they fall under the RETURN policy?

SuperSoft Underwear is non - returnable as it’s a hygienic product. Replacements are accepted for unused products only in case of defects, damages during delivery, missing, or wrong products delivered. Return/replacements requests can be raised through our moms connect team, within 7 days of delivery.