Upcycling refers to transforming by-products, waste materials, or unwanted products into new & useful materials/products. SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys are made from the extra fabric leftover after cutting out your favourite sustainable baby essentials. Which makes them Safe for your Baby and for the Planet.

Yes, SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys are the softest & 100% Safe for babies. Organic materials printed with Azo-free dyes, and no sharp edges in the design – ensure that your precious li’l one’s close interaction with the toys is 100% safe.

Toys, because they are every little munchkin’s 1st love and 1st buddy. But most ordinary toys available in the market are not necessarily safe. SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys are handmade with fabric scraps which are Soft, Toxin-Free, and 100% Safe for babies & the Planet!

1. What are these Toys made of?

SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys are made from 100% Cotton leftover fabrics after cutting out our other baby essentials. They are stuffed well with recycled poly filling.


2. Are these Toys helpful for babies’ sensory development?

Yes, they’re perfectly designed and sized for babies’ tiny hands to easily grab and play with. The vibrant colours and attractive shapes help develop children's sensory awareness.

3. Why should I choose SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys?

The making of SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys is an initiative to efficiently reduce our production wastage and create a super safe product for your baby & the environment! By choosing these Upcycled Toys, you help us do two things:

  • Reduce our wastage by 15%
  • Uphold our promise to empower as many sustainable choices as we can