A newborn baby is used to feeling held all the time in the mother’s womb. Snug swaddling soothes babies by making them feel held and reminding them of being in the womb. Swaddling also helps contain the baby's own jerky movements and get uninterrupted sleep.

It comes with a Super DryFeel layer on the inside to keep the baby dry if it pees. It keeps the baby uninterrupted in sleep and avoids any discomfort or rashes caused by wetness.

It comes with adjustable length + tightness and velcro straps fasten to the baby easily and quickly. So no worrying about swaddling too tight or loose.

In 3 simple steps:
- Place - Place the baby’s feet inside the pouch of the swaddle wrap
- Pull - Hold the arms down and pull the right (larger) wing over the baby
- Fix - Put the other flap over the baby and attach the velcro

SuperBottoms Dry Feel Swaddle Wrap can ideally be used for a newborn baby from 0 to 3 months.