UNO Size Reducer- A REVOLUTION in Diapering your Newborn
Now go from Freesize UNO to Newborn UNO with a CLICK!
Step 1: Attach the “UNO Size Reducer” on the bottom row of the waist snaps
Step 2: Put UNO Cloth Diaper on the baby and snap on the “Size Reducer” for smaller sizing
Step 3: Fold the extra flap on the top outwards, to avoid creases around the baby’s navel

We’d love you to try our combo of Freesize UNO and UNO Size Reducer as part of our Use & Return Policy for 30 days & fall head over heels in love with it. If by chance, your baby doesn’t love this, you can return it within 30 days from the date of delivery of the product and get your full money back! Refer to the Use & Return Trial Policy here!

No this will not work on UNO 1.0. The UNO Size Reducer will work with UNO 2.0 and UNO - New version.

How many UNO Size Reducer do I need?
You can begin with 1-2 bands, if in case one band is soiled / gets wet you can put the alternate one for use.

I am not sure how to use the UNO Size Reducer. How do I get assistance from the team?
You can reach out to us on WhatsApp or book a Video Demo with us. The MomsConnect Team will help you with your concerns and queries.

How do I share feedback for the product?
You can share the feedback on this link- Here

I already have UNO 2.0 / UNO - New version. Can I purchase UNO Size Reducer separately?
Yes, You can purchase the UNO Size Reducer separately. Please reach out to our MomsConnect Team, here - wa.me/+917499025345

Is it safe to use a Beta Product for my baby?
Yes, it’s completely safe. It’s in beta mode to test the effectiveness of the product and to be 100% sure that it will solve the problem of the masses.

How to wash the UNO Size Reducer?
Run a full cycle wash on warm / hot with additive-free detergent. It can be hand washed also.

How to care for the UNO Size Reducer?
We recommend avoiding fabric softener and rash cream to ensure that the product lasts long.

Is UNO Reducer compatible with UNO with small snaps (Bummy's Lab Product) ?
No, UNO Size reducer is not compatible with UNO with small snaps.