A mustard seed pillow is a small-sized pillow for newborn babies. It is filled with natural mustard seeds and sealed in a cloth pillow cover to keep under a newborn’s head for support.

A mustard seed pillow provides the ideal support to the baby’s head and distributes even pressure around the head, neck, & shoulders to prevent Flat-head Syndrome in babies. Mustard is also believed to give warmth to the baby and helps regulate blood circulation, reduce ear infections, calm colic, and protect the baby from cold.

A newborn baby’s head is soft & tender. Its shape can change in the first few months from birth. A mustard seed pillow offers the right support to change the shape of the baby’s head to look rounder.

It is best to use the Mustard Seed Pillow right after the birth for the baby till 6 or 9 months. However, this pillow can be further passed on to another baby and used for several years.

Yes, the pillow is suitable for both machine and hand-wash. Just remove the outer pillow cover, unzip the inner cover and remove the mustard seeds. Then wash both the outer & the inner covers for the best hygiene.