You can use a knee sleeve when your baby is in a crawling stage. It acts as a protective layer between the baby's thighs and the floor thus protecting the knee from scrapes, scratches, scuffs or grazes.

SuperBottoms Knee Sleeves are made of the softest cotton and comes with a terry lining. Unlike other knee pads available in the market which has foam and padding that are not just uncomfortable for the baby but are also not environment friendly.

SuperBottoms Knee sleeves are perfect for all the seasons. The soft fabric keeps the baby comfortable at all times.

SuperBottoms Knee Sleeves is made of high-quality stretchable fabric, highly customizable to offer the best comfort and protection for your little one. If they feel too tight around the knees, you can easily stretch them with your hands until it fits just right on your baby. Worried if you stretched too much? Just wash them and it will regain it’s original shape!