Stylish Jute Planters Pack of 2 (Petal Pop) for indoor
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Jute Planters - Petal Pop (Pack of 2)

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Ideal for: All Age

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- 2 Planters with Petal Pop Print (1 Small & 1 Large)

Say Hello to SuperBottoms Jute Planters – your Eco-Friendly & Stylish Pot Covers! 

Made with high-quality Jute material & Cotton, these planters offer a Stylish & Sustainable solution for housing your beloved greenery indoors or outdoors. 

And it Waterproof! The PUL coating on the inside ensures that water stays inside, keeping your surfaces dry.

- Healthy Plant Growth: Our planters promote healthy plant growth by facilitating proper air circulation around the roots, preventing issues like waterlogging and root rot.

- Moisture Retention: Jute has excellent moisture retention properties, helping to keep the soil evenly moist providing consistent hydration for your plants.

- No Stains, No Spills: The Waterproof Layer keeps the surfaces clean and dry by preventing soil and water from seeping through, eliminating the need for frequent cleanup.

- Biodegradable: Our planters are made from jute, a natural fiber that gracefully decomposes over time. This makes them a simple, eco-friendly choice for your plants and the planet. 

- Versatile: Size S is perfect for plants with an 11 cms diameter, while Size L suits those with a 16 cms diameter. 

Sturdy, durable, long lasting with no sharp edges, it’s easy to clean & maintain. 

Transform your garden or living space with these stunning pot covers. Guaranteed to captivate attention and leave a lasting impression! 

Product Specification

Color : Yellow
Material : Jute, Cotton
Age Group : All Age

Shipping Weight: 170g

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Jute Planters

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Replacements are accepted for unused products only in case of product damage during delivery, missing, or wrong products delivered. Return/replacements requests can be raised through our momsconnect team, within 48hrs days of delivery.

Important Note!
A heads-up about batch-to-batch variations: SuperBottoms products are lovingly handstitched by our efficient tailors. They might show slight variations from batch-to-batch in prints, colours, snaps, stitch & fabric cuttings – like any other apparel fabric. It’s still zero compromise on performance & efficiency! Rest assured. The product photographs are for representation purpose, and the actual product print may vary slightly from the image. Our return policy does not cover for these.

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Jute Planters - Petal Pop (Pack of 2)

₹ 660 Regular price


What are SuperBottoms Jute Planters made of?

SuperBottoms Jute Planters are made from high-quality jute and cotton materials, with a PUL coating on the inside to make them waterproof.

Are these planters waterproof?
Yes, the PUL coating on the inside ensures that water stays inside the planter, preventing spills and keeping your surfaces dry.
Can these planters be used both indoors and outdoors?
Absolutely! Our planters are designed to be stylish and functional for both indoor and outdoor use.
How do SuperBottoms Jute Planters promote healthy plant growth?
The breathable jute material facilitates proper air circulation around the roots, which helps prevent waterlogging and root rot, promoting healthy plant growth.
How do I clean my SuperBottoms Jute Planter?
To clean your planter, use a normal cycle or hand wash in cold or room temperature water. Air dry in the shade and do not wring dry.
Other FAQs
What sizes are available for these planters? Our planters come in two sizes: Size S, which is perfect for plants with an 11 cm diameter, and Size L, which suits plants with a 16 cm diameter.

Are SuperBottoms Jute Planters eco-friendly?Yes, they are made from jute, a natural fiber that decomposes gracefully over time, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

How durable are these planters?SuperBottoms Jute Planters are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. They have no sharp edges and are easy to clean and maintain.

Will the jute material stain or damage my surfaces?No, the waterproof layer inside the planter ensures that soil and water do not seep through, keeping your surfaces clean and dry.

How should I dry the planter after washing?After washing, let the planter air dry naturally in the shade. Do not place it in direct sunlight or wring it dry.

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