‘Coz, it’s perfect for a summer splash! Whether you are heading to the beach, hitting the pool, or jetting off on holiday, this combo has got you covered.

Swim Diapers are only designed to hold poop, not pee. Yes, that means pee will pass through to the water. Make sure the baby does pee before you put the baby in a swim diaper.

Yes, UNO Swim Diapers can be washed and reused for years.

To use UNO as a Swim Diaper, simply use the waterproof outer and skip the pads. It's that easy! Let your little one dive in without worrying about soggy swimwear.

Yes, the Travel Bag is fully Waterproof. You can confidently carry it to the beach or a swimming pool. In fact, you can easily carry 4-5 used or unused diapers without worrying about the mess.