Yes, BASIC Quick Dry Mat is fully waterproof and spillproof. It absorbs the liquid 8x quicker and does not let it seep through.

BASIC Quick Dry Mats are available in 3 sizes - Small (70cm x 50cm), Medium (100cm x 70cm), Large (140cm x 100cm)

Just place it over the couch / mattress / floor / playground or anywhere required and lay your baby on it. It can be used for multiple purposes for any age group. Plus, it’s easy to wash.

Yes, BASIC Quick Dry Mats are suitable for hand & machine washing. You may wash it along with your regular laundry as well.

The Quick Dry Mat is multipurpose and easy to use! Use them as –
- Kids’ Playmat
- Protector for the bed, couch, floor, pram, stroller, etc. from getting wet and messy
- Picnic mat as it is travel-friendly and super easy to carry
- Training mat for pets
- Bed protector for patients or adults with incontinence