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DryFeel Langot Pack of 2 (Size 1)
Dryfeel Langot with 4 Layers of Absorbency
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DryFeel Langot Pack for Baby
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Baby Cloth Diapering Combo Pack

2 Pack DryFeel Langot (Size 1) - Single Loop Variant

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-Pack of 2 DryFeel Langot (Size 1) - (Old version)

Made by parents at SuperBottoms who understand exactly how a Langot should be – buttery soft, safe & Dry Feel!

Enjoy mess-free Diaper-Free time with our DryFeel Langots!

These Langots have:

  • 3 layers of cotton padding with 1 Super DryFeel layer on the inside (total 4 layers) to hold up to 1 pee depending on the wetting pattern of different babies.
  • Gentle elastics at the back and thighs to contain the pee inside, and keep it dry outside.

Bummy recommends changing the DryFeel Langot after 1 pee.

Please Note: These are not Semi-Waterproof and are Single looped DryFeel Langot.

Looking for a bigger size? check our
DryFeel Padded Underwear, the comfort of dry feel with the ease of pull up underwear for your growing baby.

Not sure about the sizing? Chat with us

Product Specification

Color : Multicolor
Material : 100% Cotton + Blended Fabric
Age Group : newborn, infant

Shipping Weight: 80g

How to
Intellectual Property Disclaimer
DryFeel Langot

Disclaimer: A trademark has been registered in the name of NAVASHYA CONSUMER PRODUCTS PVT. LTD., B-1704, AZZIANO, RUSTOMJEE URBANIA, MAJIWADA, THANE (W)- 400601, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA. Any unauthorized use, imitation, or replication of DryFeel Langot, the name or similar designs is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

Disclaimer: The Double Loop system of the DryFeel langot is a patented product owned and filed by Navashya Consumer Products Private Limited. It is the responsibility of all individuals, and / or organizations, to take all reasonable measures to ensure their actions avert potential infringement with the applicable territorial patent laws they work within. Failure to take all reasonable steps to avert patent infringement may result in legal liability to the subject person(s) and or organization(s) found infringing on product patents.


2 Pack DryFeel Langot (Size 1) - Single Loop Variant

₹ 340 Regular price


What is SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot for New Born Baby?

Want To Provide Diaper Free Time To Your Baby But are Afraid Of The Mess? That's When DryFeel Langot Comes To The Rescue. These Beauties Are Ideal For Diaper Free Times And Can Hold Up To 1 Pee Depending On The Wetting Pattern Of Each Baby. These Are Specially Designed For Newborn Babies And Infants Who Are Less Than 1 Year Old. 
DryFeel Langots Consist Of 3 Layers Of Cotton Padding With A Semi Waterproof Layer To Avoid Leaks. Gentle Elastics With Super DryFeel Layer Touching The Baby's Skin So They Don't Feel Any Wetness And Discomfort When They Pee In. It Has a Double Loop For 2 Sizing In One Langot To Get A Better Fit!

What is the difference between SuperBottoms UNO cloth diapers and SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot?

-SuperBottoms UNO is a fully waterproof cloth diaper that stays dry and lasts all night* 
-SuperBottoms Dryfeel Langot, on the other hand, is a langot for babies with padding, stays dry, is only semi-waterproof, and can absorb up to 1 pee. 
-SuperBottoms UNO cloth diaper is ideal for diapering time and is freesize (the same diaper can be used from 3m-3yrs) 
-SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot for new born baby, on the other hand, is ideal for diaper-free time and comes in 2 sizes, S and L.

What is the material of DryFeel Langots?
Made with a lot of love, these are crafted with cotton, gentle elastics, semi waterproof TPU layer on crotch and Super DryFeel layer made of fleece on top to ensure that baby stays dry even after peeing.
How is SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot different from a regular nappy?

SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot for baby is a hybrid nappy, India's FIRST & ONLY DryFeel Langot, which does not let your baby feel wet even after peeing. It comes with 4 layers of 100% Cotton padding, quickly soaking up to one pee. Adding the surprise element - the gentle elastics on the side and back help keep the mess within. 
Regular nappy/ langot, on the other hand, comes without any padding or dryfeel and is messy and inconvenient. 
Our DryFeel Langot is a favourite with new moms for their delicate li'l ones as these 100% Cotton langots come with Super DryFeel technology and layers of padding - truly one of a kind!

Can the DryFeel Langot be used for nap times?

How we wish! Albeit mess-free, DryFeel Nappy cannot be used for nap times as it is not waterproof. So, for comfortable nap time diapering, try our Newborn UNO, which lasts for multiple pees and has a waterproof, dry feel.

Other FAQs

What are the sizes available for a DryFeel Langot? 
DryFeel Langots are for babies less than 1-year-old & come in two sizes: 
Small for newborns up to 5 kg 
Large for 5kg - 10kg babies. 

My baby is 11 months old. Can I use these DryFeel Langots? 
DryFeel Langots are for babies who are less than 1 year old. 
An 11-month-old baby is ready to graduate to Padded Unders now. DryFeel Langots might fit them for a few weeks only & they're ready to be potty trained starting now. You may go for the pull-up style, potty training Padded Unders, mindfully designed to address the changing requirements of active & growing babies. 

How many pees can these DryFeel Langots absorb? 
Our DryFeel Langot for newborn can hold up to 1 pee, depending on the wetting pattern of different babies. 

Will pee/ poop leak out of these? 
If the right size is used, the poop & pee should not spill out of the langot. 

How do they keep the baby's bum dry when they are made of 100% Cotton? 
DryFeel Langots are designed very innovatively, and we did not want to compromise on any grounds while creating these. 
Made out of 100% GOTS certified 100% Cotton fabric, these also have a Super DryFeel layer which touches the baby's skin & doesn't let them feel any wetness and discomfort when peeing in it. 

What if I want to use these on my baby for a nap or night time? 
We do not recommend using these during naps or night time as they may cause inconvenience to your baby by spilling and creating a mess if the baby pees more than once while sleeping. But fret not; we have UNOs which are very convenient to provide a comfortable sleep to your li'l one. 

How do I store them before washing them? 
Rinse the pee/poop off the DryFeel Langot before storing. You may keep them in a lightly covered bucket before washing for around 24-48 hours. 

How do I wash these? 
Easy-peasy! DryFeel Langots can be washed with regular clothes once stored after rinsing the pee/poop. 

Do they fall under a free trial? 
Alas! DryFeel Langot do not fall under our trial policy. But we're pretty sure that you are going to love them! Pinky promise! 

Why are these NON-RETURNABLE? 
We're very particular about the intimate nature & hygiene standards of our DryFeel Langots; hence, these are non-returnable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 941 reviews

I am very happy to bought this dry feel langot .it's feel gud for my son .soft and spongy.

Hi Saranya

Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated! Let SuperBottoms be your go-to destination for all things parenting. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at 9702314940.

Best wishes,
Team SuperBottoms

Suvedha Ezhil

Fabric and quality is good

Hi Suvedha

Your review is the fuel that keeps us going! Discover more SuperBottoms products for a delightful parenting journey. We're here to assist whenever you need us. Reach out to us via WhatsApp at 9702314940.

Warm Regards,
Team SuperBottoms

Sangavi Mohandass
Loving it

It’s superb comfort

Hello Sangavi,

Your positive feedback brightened our day! We're here for you, whether you have questions or need product recommendations. Happy shopping with SuperBottoms! Contact us anytime via WhatsApp at 9702314940.

Best wishes,
Team SuperBottoms


12 Pack DryFeel Langot™

Dear Lavanya,
We're overjoyed by your fantastic review! Thank you for choosing SuperBottoms. If you ever need assistance or want to explore more of our products, feel free to connect with us at via WhatsApp at 9702314940.
Warm regards,
Team SuperBottoms

Abdul Rahman

DryFeel Langot - Bummy World

Dear Abdul,

Your 5-star rating means the world to us! Bummy is dancing with joy, and we are here to make your parenting experience even more wonderful. Explore our range and let us know how we can assist you. Don't hesitate to call us at 9702314940.

Warm regards,

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