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Cotton Potty Training Pajamas with STITCHED-IN Potty Training Pants

Presenting India’s 1st Potty Training Pajamas By SuperBottoms – Cotton pajamas with STITCHED IN Potty Training Pants which has… 

- 3 layers of 100% Cotton Padding that holds up to 1 pee 
- Super DryFeel Layer that keeps the baby’s bum dry 
- A semi-Waterproof outer layer that prevents mess from accidental leaks 

So, say good bye to carrying and washing Potty Training Pants and pajamas separately and get yourself this innovative two-in-one product by SuperBottoms - Potty Training Pajamas! 
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Key Features 
- Keeping the baby comfortable & cozy in cold weather – even during their diaper-free time 
- Evening outings as the potty training pajamas protect the baby’s legs from mosquito bites and, therefore, rashes 
- Newly potty-trained toddlers’ nighttime use to ensure zero accidental leaks & mess 
- It comes in super cute, unisex prints and fits perfectly from 9 months to 4 years. 

How To Wash 
Step 1 – Rinse the baby potty training pajamas under running water with regular detergent (Surf Excel, Ariel, etc.) to remove pee/poop. 
Step 2 – Add them to your regular laundry. Use detergent as per the load size. 

Why SuperBottoms 
Thoughtfully designed for conscious parents who believe in minimalism and using cloth over plastic, potty training pajamas is a two-in-one product that serves the purpose of Potty Training Pants for the potty training phase with added protection of the pajama to keep your baby warm and cozy.

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How are Potty Training Pajamas different from Potty Training Pants? Chevron Down

It is a combination of best Potty Training and Cotton pajamas stitched together. So, you get the goodness of 2 products in 1! Although they both serve the same purpose and functionality is the same, a potty training pajama is meant to protect your baby’s legs too from cold weather, just like any pajama would. This feature is not a part of Potty Training Pants, though.

Is the Potty Training Pants size and Cotton Potty Training Pajamas size the same? Chevron Down

It caters to the same age range of kids as Potty Training Pants, which is 9 months to 4 years. But for the correct sizing, please refer to the waist size chart.

What is the material of the Pajamas? Chevron Down

Newborn Baby Potty Training Pajamas, along with the 3 layers of padding inside, are made of 100% Cotton.

Are the entire Pajama padded, dry feel, and semi-waterproof? Chevron Down

No, only the stitched-in underwear is padded, which has a Super DryFeel Layer inside and a semi-waterproof outer layer.

Is the underwear detachable? Chevron Down

No, it is not detachable. Instead, it is stitched together with the pant-style pajamas.

For which age group are Potty Training Pajamas ideal? Chevron Down

It perfectly fits babies from 9 months to 4-year-old kids.