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Exercising has become indispensable to our daily routines to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, physical exercise during pregnancy is often regarded as harmful and unsafe. But contrary to the myths, pregnancy-safe activities benefit the mother’s health and increase the probability of normal delivery.

If the normal delivery exercise is practised correctly and with the right intensity, it can be beneficial in handling the excruciating labour pain. So, if all you moms-to-be are looking out for some safe pregnancy exercises to induce natural childbirth, we have got you covered! This article highlights some of the best normal delivery exercises you must try!

Can Everyone Do Normal Delivery Exercise?

Expecting mothers with certain health conditions are advised not to exercise for normal delivery by their doctors. These health conditions primarily include the following:

  • ▪ Asthma
  • ▪ Heart disease
  • ▪ Diabetes
  • ▪ Bleeding
  • ▪ Earlier miscarriages
  • ▪ Premature deliveries.

Are All Exercises For Normal Delivery Safe?

While normal delivery exercise benefits expectant mothers as it increases their chances of normal childbirth, not all are safe. A few exercises or activities which pregnant women must avoid are:

  • ▪ Sports like volleyball, football, etc.
  • ▪ Exercises require you to hold your breath for too long.
  • ▪ Activities which involve jumping, hopping, bouncing, etc.

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Instructions to Follow Before Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercising is very important and helpful during each trimester of pregnancy, as it not only tones your body but also increases the chances of normal delivery. However, their specific instructions which you must follow before doing the normal delivery exercise -

1. Wear Breathable and Comfortable Clothing: It is important to wear breathable and comfortable clothing to ensure that blood circulation is not obstructed.

2. Regulate the Room Temperature: A room that is too hot or too cold can affect your body temperature and harm the baby, so it is best to keep regulating the room temperature.

3. Drink Plenty of Water: It is essential to stay hydrated while doing normal delivery exercise, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

4. Choose Comfortable Footwear: To ensure stability, and grip while exercising, it is essential to choose comfortable shoes.

5. Warm up with Stretches: Always start your exercise routine by performing a few stretches to prevent aches.

6. Do not Stand Still For a Long Time: Standing still for a long time may lead to blood pooling and result in swelling of the lower limbs.

Best Normal Delivery Exercise

Every pregnancy is unique, and therefore you are the best judge, of how comfortable you are with your exercise routine. Beforting doing any normal delivery exercise make sure that you discuss yoour regime with your doctor. Here are a few pregnancy-safe exercises you can try at home to induce normal delivery (1):

1. Walking: One of the best normal delivery exercise is walking. It has amazing health benefits, as it helps yoou relax, regulate digestion, and manages blood pressure. All you moms-to-be out there, make sure you walk for atleast two times during your day, and at a relaxed pace.

2. Squats: Squats is a deceptively simple-looking exercise which is super effective, especially during pregnancy. Squats helps you pelvic region to contract and relax making sure that your delivery is less painful. However, do take support of a gym ball or another person while doing squats, to make sure that you do not lose balance.

3. Kegel Exercise: Kegel exercises for pregnant women are helpful in focusing on strengthening of your pelvi floor muscles. Kegel exercises are not only crucial for normal delivery but also for recovering post delivery. Do make sure to sit straight on workout ball as you contract snd hold you pelvic floor musles for 3-12 seconds before releasing them. Repeat the cycle.

4. Yoga: Pregnancy yoga is one of the most effective normal delivery exercise, which is specifically designed for expectant mothers. It is filled with invaluable benefits, as it improves flexibility, strengthens your internal organs, and also aligns your mind and body. You can do the following asanas:

  • ▪ Stick Pose - Yastikasana
  • ▪ Twisted pose - Vakrasna
  • ▪ Butterfly pose - Bhadrasana
  • ▪ Chair pose - Utkatasana

5. Pelvic Tilts: Pelvi tilts helps to strengthen your back muscles, and also help during the labor. All you need to do is get on all fours with your knees touching the ground, and make sure your hips are in line with your stomach. Now breathe normally, while looking straight.

6. Forward Leaning: This exercise can be practiced until the third trimester of pregnancy ( that is uptil 7th-8th month) as it encourages the baby to get into the correct position for birthing. All you need to do is bend forward to rest your feet and palms on the ground, and your body forming an “A”. Continue to breath as long as you are comfortable.

Signs to Stop Exercising

While normal delivery exercise is absolutely safe, you must immediately stop doing them, if you experience or observe any of the following signs:

  • ▪ Fatigue
  • ▪ Blood pressure problems, 
  • ▪ asthmatic conditions
  • ▪ Cardiac disorder
  • ▪ Diabetes 
  • ▪ Vaginal bleeding
  • ▪ History of a preterm delivery 
  • ▪ Augmented contractions shortly after exercising.

Key Takeaways

An exercise routine for pregnant women can be very helpful in increasing the chances of normal delivery. Moreover, regular exercise can help you handle the excruciating labor pain and can also help reduce labor time. However, to ensure safe practices, you should always ask the doctor about exercising in detail and perform under supervision of an expert.


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