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Due to the biological difference between a male body and a female body, they have some unique health issues. Women of any age can suffer from incontinence, and most women shy away from talking about this medical issue and accept it without medical help. So, while it is essential to seek medical help from a medical practitioner, it is also important to understand the condition and have an interim arrangement to save yourself from the embarrassment of having a wet patch on your clothes.

This article by SuperBottoms will help you understand what incontinence is, how maternity pads, postpartum pads or incontinence panty/incontinence pants can help you deal with the situation and some other helpful tips to deal with incontinence. Let us start by understanding what incontinence is and what causes it.

What Is Incontinence?

During certain conditions, such as during pregnancy or a Urinary Tract Infection episode, many women experience a loss in bladder control. These bladder leaks are known as Urinary Incontinence. In short, it is a condition where one experiences involuntary or accidental loss of urine. Incontinence is a medical condition that can be improved with medical help. Because of unique reproductive abilities and events such as pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, the issue of incontinence is more prevalent in women than men.

What Leads To Incontinence In Women?

There are three significant reasons for incontinence in women.

1. Ageing – Although not every woman would experience incontinence in older age, it is common to experience it at a later age than earlier. This can happen due to changes in the body's muscular strength, changes in hormone levels or a result of some medication, illness or surgery at an older age.

2. Pregnancy – During pregnancy, your baby's weight starts to push against your bladder, thus making it difficult for you to hold the pee in for longer. This is one main reason women experience frequent urination, an urgency to pee, and an inability to hold the pee for longer. While this is temporary and not a medical condition, it can be irritating, frustrating and embarrassing if one experiences urine leakage.

3. Vaginal Delivery – A vaginal delivery can cause temporary damage to the pelvic floor muscles leading to the inability to hold urine and causing urinary incontinence.

4. Overweight – A higher BMI and excess weight bring many health issues. Bladder incontinence/bladder leaks are one of them. The extra weight puts pressure and strain on the bladder, similar to during pregnancy. This pressure can lead to involuntary urine leakage even when you cough or sneeze.

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What Can You Do In Such Situations?

If you are experiencing a bladder leak or urine incontinence, you must visit your doctor and seek medical help. All other tips and recommendations to help you save your clothes from being soiled or having an embarrassing accident in public can be dealt with by-products that can help you. Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

1 • Many people opt for leakproof diapers for adults India has to offer in this situation. But adult diapers are bulky and are designed to hold more fluid, a whole load of pee, and not just the accidental minor leakage. Thus, even if adult diapers are quickly and cheaply available, there might be other solutions to your problem.

2 • Every time you use a washroom, please ensure that you properly empty the bladder. Then, bend forward and put a little pressure on your belly so any residue urine is also pushed out of the bladder. This small trick will delay the urge to pass urine during pregnancy or in an overweight situation.

3 • You can look for products such as post-delivery panties, incontinence underwear, and maternity underwear. These products are lean, unlike adult diapers, specifically designed to help you with leakage or bleeding. Even if you have not delivered a child, this product can come in handy for your incontinence issue.

Panties like MaxAbsorb Incontinence Underwear can come in handy for your incontinence issue even if you have not delivered a child, as these are made up of extra comfy materials like 60% premium plant-based bamboo fabric + 35% cotton + 5% lycra.

It comes with 4 layer protection where the first layer keeps you dry and comfy while the second and third layer provides max absorption ensuring zero leaks. While the outer layer keeps you strain free and clean. It is super stretchy, soft, breathable, and antibacterial and absolutely leak-free.

4 • You can consider sustainable and cloth maternity pads or postpartum pads in this situation. These are hospital-grade pads that have better absorbance as compared to regular sanitary napkins. Also, cloth pads are eco-friendly and sustainable and cheaper in the long run than disposable sanitary pads.

5 • Talk to a physician and start Kegel and other exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor. This will help control the urge to pee until you find a clean, usable washroom.

These tips and products will help you have a backup until the issue is resolved medically. Keep a few extra at home and in your handbag, along with a waterproof wet bag in case of any emergency when out of the house.


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