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Are you prepared for the big day? When you're around 34 weeks pregnant, it's time to start thinking about your due date. Packing the hospital newborn baby hospital bag is one of the most stressful and important items on the checklist. This article will guide you through the process of packing your pregnancy hospital bag so that you have everything you need for yourself, your newborn baby, and dad to be.

If you have a moment, look into what your hospital has on hand or provides so you don't have to bring those items. Remember that you are commonly at the hospital the entire time, and you may even sleep in the same room as the birthing parent and baby. Once you've packed your maternity hospital bag, keep it handy, either in the car or by the door, so that you are all set to go.

Hospital Bag for Mom: Delivery and Labor

Everyone's needs for their hospital stay will vary, but here are some items to consider packing in your hospital bag as you prepare to welcome your baby.

1. Important Documents: Keep your medical records close at hand so that your doctors can easily see your medical history. Your hospital may require some form of identification, medical cards, and insurance documents upfront, so make a copy of these.

2. Massage Oil or Body Oil: During the labor and delivery process, the laboring parent may benefit from a soothing massage. Bringing a small amount of your partner's favorite massage oil can make a significant difference in the experience.

3. Relaxing Pillows: Pillows will be provided by your hospital, but they may not be the right type for you. If you have a favorite pillow, make sure that you add it to the checklist and bring it along with you.

4. Sponge or Water Spray: During labor, you may notice that you are becoming hot. Spraying water on your face and neck, or dabbing cool water on your forehead, may help.

5. Music, Movies and Magazines: Load up your smartphone or tablet with music and any Netflix shows you want to binge-watch. It may help distract you and your partner during long labor depending on how your labor goes.

Hospital Bag for Mom: Post Delivery

1. Double absorbency Maternity Pads: Even if the hospital provides some, bring plenty of heavy-duty maternity pads just in case. It's natural to bleed profusely after giving birth, and maternity pads are softer and more absorbent than regular sanitary pads. Initially, you may need to change pads every one to two hours, but the flow will begin to decrease after a few days.

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2. Nursing Pads: Leaky breasts aren't usually an issue in the first few days of breastfeeding because your milk hasn't yet arrived properly. However, a few absorbent nursing pads (also known as breast pads) should be packed in case your first breast milk - colostrum - leaks from your nipples.

SuperBottoms Dry Feel Nursing Pads are made with love for breastfeeding mothers, with their comfort in mind in the event of breast milk leakage. These are made of organic cotton and are completely washable and reusable. Healthy mothers, babies, and the environment.

3. Underwear: Pack several pairs of comfortable underwear that you don't mind getting dirty and that's large enough to accommodate the maternity pads. The Stress-Free MaxAbsorb Period Underwear from SuperBottoms is an innovative, comfortable period underwear made of 60% Premium Plant-Based (Bamboo) fabric, 35% Cotton, and 5% Lycra. It's stretchy, soft, breathable, and rash-free, with a dry comfort of up to 8-10 hours and no leaks.

Best Hospital Bag Essentials for Dad

1. Towels and toiletries: Even your partner may require a shower after a long day of labor. Most hospitals are fine with this, but you should double-check.

2. Water and Snacks: Being a supportive father can be thirsty work. Bring snacks and water with you, as well as change for the hospital vending machines.

3. Extra Cloths: Since labor is an unpredictable process, bringing a change of clothes is always a good idea, as you never know how long you'll be there.

4. Entertainment: Have something to do in case things get boring: books, a tablet, or a music player are all good options.

5. Comfortable Pillow: Believe it or not, your partner may require a break while assisting during a long labor, so bring a small comfortable pillow with you.

Newborn Baby Hospital Bag

1. Baby Blankets: While the hospital will most likely provide blankets, having your blanket on hand for skin-to-skin contact is always a good idea. The SuperBottoms Baby Blankets are generously sized and thus ideal for winter, as they can be folded into two (6 layers) to cover the baby. These blankets are made with AZO-free dyes that are safe for your baby's skin.

2. Going Home Outfit: Consider the weather: a bodysuit, booties, and hat may suffice during the warmer months, but in the winter, pack mittens, leg warmers as well as jackets.

3. Cloth Diaper: Having 2-3 days' worth of diapers on hand is a good place to start. This total will vary according to your baby's age, your laundry habits, and the type of best cloth diapers you use.

However, at SuperBottoms, all you need for your baby's entire diapering journey is 16 cloth diapers, but we recommend keeping a stash of 4 to 6 Newborn Dry Feel Langot on the list in case of any emergencies.


1. Start Thinking: When you're around 34 weeks pregnant, it's time to start thinking about your due date and what you'll need once you're in the hospital.
2. Pack According to Need: Everyone's hospital needs will vary, so make sure what you pack is necessary for you.
3. Carry Enough Diapers: Having 2-3 days' worth of diapers on hand is a good place to start.


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