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As the due date approaches, it is natural to feel a bit anxious and stressed with the prospects of being a new parent. This is likely why our ancestors started the baby shower tradition in India, also known as Godbharai, to let the mom-to-be have some fun and feel the excitement with all the games, gifts, food, and all family members coming together to bless the mom-to-be.

If you are an expecting parent and are scared of hosting many people at home due to any infection making the mom-to-be sick, here are some Virtual Baby Shower Ideas to organise a fun event without having anyone physically around. However, if you are a family member or a friend of someone having their baby shower, this article will help you with newborn baby shower gift ideas in India.


1 • Cloth and Washable Books – You can never go wrong with books when it comes to baby shower gift ideas. Parents love to read to their babies even when they are inside the womb. And a washable cloth book is more hygienic and ensures that the baby can have fun exploring it without damaging it.

2 • Upcycled Toys – How about some cute baby and mommy matching upcycled toys! A baby and momma hunny bunny, or a tall and short giraffe. What is your choice, a cute pair is what everyone will go all awww about!

3 • Fun Shaped Teethers – Shape of lips or large teeth, with a fun quote or a cute baby panda, ice cream, or just a ring – Cute and fun teethers are something that is not just a good-looking gift but a useful one too.

4 • Mulmul Jhablas – When it comes to newborn baby clothes, with all the milk smell and burping and throwing up, no amount of Jhablas and onesies are enough. Available in various prints, SuperBottoms Mulmul Jhabla is an ideal choice as they are made of organic cotton. Best suitable for a baby's sensitive skin and is made with AZO-free dyes.

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1. Hand Written Letters – Nothing says "I Love You and I Care For You" more than a handwritten letter. The dying art of pouring one's heart onto a piece of paper! Write best wishes for the baby to be born and the mom-to-be on fancy stationery and get it laminated. If the mom-to-be is a close friend or family member, this is one of the best baby shower gift ideas one can think of.

2. Personalized Onesies – This idea can work if the baby's name is already decided. Or else you can also put text like X's little brat or anything personalized rather than the generic messages available on onesies.

3. Photo Mugs – A couple's pic of the parents-to-be, a nice picture from the maternity shoot of the mom-to-be, or even a mug with a personalized message and blessing is a great idea.


1 • Crib Mobile Making Kits – One of the best baby shower gift ideas to keep the mom constructively engaged and happy is to get her to make something for the baby. Just like in older days expecting moms used to make woollen or crocheted mittens and caps for their babies. Gift them a DIY crib mobile kit that would be handy when the baby needs some distraction or playtime.

2 • Record In Your Voice Story Books – As mentioned earlier, one can never go wrong by gifting books. And when the books have the unique feature of recording the story in the voice of a loved one, it is double the fun. A lot of options are available in the market.

3 • Hand And Footprint Kits – A kit where the parents can take the hand and footprint of the baby on a piece of paper and convert it into a wall hanging or a baby room décor are one of the most sentimental, memorable, and best baby shower gift ideas.

4 • Hand And Foot Sculpture Making Kit – Similar to the above idea, moulding kits are available to make your baby's hand or foot sculpture and convert it into a unique desktop item or a wall hanging.

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1 • Funny Photoshoot Costumes – Parents love to take a million pics of their newborn babies. Some even arrange a monthly photo shoot to create a photo book of their baby's growth each month. So fun costumes that make the little one look like a flower, an animal, or an animated character can be a fun baby shower gift!

2 • Message Onesies – Fun onesies with quotes and funny and cute messages; again, you can't go wrong with those! Parents can never have enough of them, as a newborn baby needs 2 – 3 changes daily.

3 • Funny Parenting Posters - Parents would already have invested in cute baby posters and motivational posters. How about giving them some posters that are a witty satire on the new parenting scene and the tough time that new parents go through?


1 • Baby Photo Frames – You will get a lot of not-so-expensive options in a local store or online. Photo frames and albums are an excellent way for parents to keep memories of their baby's newborn days alive in a physical form.

2 • Swaddles and Blankets – Very useful, yet not at all expensive, newborn swaddle wrap and baby blankets are among baby shower gift ideas that moms-to-be would appreciate a lot. SuperBottoms Mulmul Swaddles are sustainable, made from the best material, and multipurpose that will last longer and be of multiple uses for your baby.

3 • Books - about parenting, new parent hacks, and baby books are the most affordable yet very thoughtful gift ideas for baby showers (1).


1 • Personal Care Hamper For New Mom – Foot cream, anti-hair fall shampoo, stretch mark creams, hair spa kit, nipple cream – any new mom would need this and love to receive some good brand of products to pamper herself as a baby gift. Get pi packed in a beautiful basket and tada; your super cute hamper is there!

2 • Personal Care Hamper For The Baby – Similarly, you can prepare a baby hamper with baby items such as baby massage oil, shampoo, body lotion, hair oil, etc.

3 • Bum Wear Gift Hamper – Making sustainable choices is excellent for your baby's skin and the environment. So create a bum wear hamper for the baby with Newborn Cloth diapers, Dry Feel Langots, and Padded Underwear by SuperBottoms make for a fantastic hamper for a newborn baby.

4 • Accessories For New Mommy Hamper – You can also create a hamper of stuff apart from personal care that a new mommy would need. Multipurpose Organiser, Breast Pads, etc., are among baby shower gift ideas that every new mom would need and appreciate.


1 • Parenting Record Book – A perfect way to record baby's milestones, growth vitals, pictures of their best moments, and even written down memories and feelings of the mom, a parenting record book is one of the best baby shower gift ideas.

2 • Hospital Bag / Diaper Bag – A diaper tote bag that a mother can carry all the required stuff to the hospital or even use as a diaper bag after the baby's arrival is a great utility gift for the mom-to-be.

3 • Spa / Massage Coupon – A day for mom to be pampered with hair spa, body spa, and massages to destress and relax to prepare for the labor is a great gift idea for a baby shower.

4 • Date Night / Baby Moon – Arranging for a date night for the dad and mom-to-be and spending some time just with each other, or even a trip to celebrate their babymoon before the baby arrives are excellent baby shower gift ideas.

A baby shower can do wonders to the mood and happiness quotient of a mom-to-be. Please remember that gifts show that you love and care and that the mom-to-be and the baby mean a lot to you. But, also remember that it is the thought and the intent that matters. So, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, your blessing clubbed with a thoughtful gift will matter a lot for people you love and care for.


1. Gift Ideas - As the due date approaches, it is natural to feel a bit anxious and stressed with the prospects of being a new parent. This is possibly why our ancestors started the baby shower tradition.

2. Affordable Baby Shower - A baby shower can do wonders to the mood and happiness quotient of a mom-to-be. Please remember that gifts show that you love and care and that the mom-to-be and the baby mean a lot to you.

3. Gifting Solutions - If your family member or a friend of someone is having their baby shower, this article will help you with ideas on what to give a baby shower for the baby on board or the mom-to-be.


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