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If you are an expecting parent, the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak likely has you questioning your baby shower among many other things. Now that the pandemic has required everyone to practice “social distancing” you may be scrambling to figure out what you should do instead. Surprise! Surprise! Many moms-to-be are now planning virtual baby showers in lieu of in-person gatherings.

Yes, that basically means everyone meets up over their computers or smartphones to celebrate you and the baby to arrive. Sending some virtual belly rubs as you read this! Did you know? Many moms-to-be already have virtual baby showers in order to connect with family and friends around the country or world who can't make it to their scheduled event. Yeah, this is a tried and tested method, no kidding!

So how do these work? Well, virtual baby showers won’t center on food, though attendees are certainly welcome to make up a plate and eat at their leisure. Your invitees will log in at the appointed time to celebrate you and your baby from afar. Here is a step-by-step guide to planning your perfect baby shower gift.

1. Choose a virtual baby shower "venue"

Decide on a site that everyone can connect to for a live video chat, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, or Zoom as you can’t do it on WhatsApp. Some loved ones may not be tech-savvy, so it's smart to test the service ahead of time to work out any potential problems. Best to have a tech-savvy friend guide the elderly and others who find it difficult to set up a sound video call.

2. Create your virtual baby shower timeline

To execute all the events you might have planned in time, plan a schedule beforehand so everyone could plan their own schedules and all your events could run smoothly.

3. Send out invitations

Take ownership and make cute invitations for your invitees. (Download some cute invites here).
You can also create your own invites on some easy-to-create websites such as,,, etc! Go ahead and get creative.

4. Decoration ideas

Decorating for a virtual shower is obviously optional, but it might help you feel festive to put up a few decorations in the area where you'll be hosting the live video chat. A box a week before the party is filled with everything which is needed to set up, like wall decorations, cute napkins, and supplies for games and prizes.

You could also try the amazing virtual backgrounds on zoom or try the filters on Facebook if you’re unable to organize the party decoration items. You can also reuse the old newspapers lying around at the home and make a repurposed origami-themed DIY decoration as per your choice. Sustainability is always in fashion anyways.

5. Games and activities

You could plan a lot of online games like housie/bingo, 20 questions, quizzes, psych, etc. which are available on the internet and park time for every activity. Some popular and fun baby shower games are

1. G10 - Ask one of the guests to think about a celebrity mom - an actress, a singer, a sports person, and then all other guests are allowed to ask 10 questions combined and guess who the celebrity mom is.

2. Guess the size of my belly - Depending upon how comfortable you are with the guests (if it is a group of informal friends or family members) you can ask them to take a guess about the size of your belly. Then you can measure the belly and see who got it right.

3. What all you think I should know - The guests who are moms ask questions to you about newborn care, and lactation and help you understand the upcoming phase of being a new mommy better. This is informative as well as fun!

You can send out e-vouchers to the winners of these games and make it interesting and fun for them to participate.


Send your postal address on the invitation and make sure to send out your invites at least 10 days prior along with a calendar invite to your invitees. This will give them ample time to get gifts delivered to you by the time your virtual baby shower starts and everyone would feel excited while you open them on the call. Some moms want to open presents over live video, but others don’t want to focus on that.

Having to cancel your baby shower is understandably frustrating. But the need for a Plan B may actually be a great opportunity to celebrate your big day from the comfort of your space. We wish you to embrace everything that’s possible with a virtual baby shower.


1. Connect: Connect with relatives and friends from all across the country or the world who are unable to attend their scheduled event.

2. Send Invites: Take control and create adorable invitations for your guests.

3. Schedule Before Hand: Make a timetable ahead of time so that everyone can organize their own schedules and all of your events go well.


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