Virtual Baby Showers: Celebrating Safely and Inclusively
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What is a Virtual Baby Shower?
Step-By-Step Guide With Virtual Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Gifts Ideas
The Importance of Virtual Baby Showers
Key Takeaways
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The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak has left many expecting parents rethinking their baby shower plans due to social distancing measures. But fear not, virtual baby showers have emerged as a popular choice, brimming with joy and excitement, as an alternative to traditional in-person gatherings. These online celebrations allow friends and family to connect over computers or smartphones, sharing in anticipation of the expectant parent and the upcoming arrival of the baby.

Virtual baby showers focus less on food and more on creating a shared experience through video conferencing. Attendees can enjoy snacks or meals while joining in the festivities from afar. Many moms-to-be have already embraced virtual baby showers to include loved ones who cannot attend in person, whether due to distance or other reasons.

What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

Planning a virtual baby shower involves sending out invitations with details on how to join the online event. Guests log in at the scheduled time to participate in activities, games, and gift-giving to celebrate the expectant parent and the new addition to the family. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, virtual baby showers offer a meaningful way to connect and share in the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world.

Step-By-Step Guide With Virtual Baby Shower Ideas:

Here is a step-by-step guide to planning your perfect baby shower gift:

1. Choose a virtual baby shower "venue": Decide on a site everyone can connect to for a live video chat, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, or Zoom, as you can't do it on WhatsApp. Some loved ones may need to be more tech-savvy, so testing the service beforehand will solve potential problems. It is best to have a tech-savvy friend guide older people and others who find setting up a sound video call difficult.

2. Create your virtual baby shower timeline: To execute all the events you might have planned in time, plan a schedule so everyone can prepare their schedules and all your events can run smoothly.

3. Send out virtual baby shower invitations: Take ownership and make cute virtual baby shower invitations for your invitees. (Download some cute invites here). You can also create your virtual baby shower invitations on easy-to-create websites like,,, etc! Go ahead and get creative.

4. Baby shower decoration ideas: A baby shower decoration at home is optional, but it might help you feel festive to put up a few decorations in the area where you'll be hosting the live video chat. A week before the party, a box is filled with everything needed to set up, like wall baby shower decoration at home, cute napkins, and supplies for games and prizes.

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You could also try the amazing virtual backgrounds of baby shower decoration ideas on Zoom or the filters on Facebook if you're unable to organize the baby shower decoration ideas items. You can also reuse the old newspapers lying around at home and make a repurposed origami-themed DIY decoration of your choice. Sustainability is always in fashion anyway.

5. Games and activities: You could plan a lot of online games like housie/bingo, 20 questions, quizzes, psych, etc. which are available on the internet and park time for every activity. Some popular and fun baby shower games are:
G10—Ask one of the guests to think about a celebrity mom—an actress, a singer, or a sportsperson. Then, all other guests can ask 10 questions combined and guess who the celebrity mom is.

6. Guess the size of my belly: Depending upon how comfortable you are with the guests (if it is a group of informal friends or family members), you can ask them to guess the size of your belly. Then, you can measure the belly and see who got it right.

What do you think I should know? The guests who are moms ask questions about newborn care and lactation to help you better understand the upcoming phase of being a new mommy. This is informative as well as fun!

You can send out e-vouchers to the winners of these games and make it exciting and fun for them to participate.

Baby Shower Gifts Ideas:

1. Swaddle Blankets: Soft and cozy SuperBottoms Dry Feel Swaddle Wraps are essential for keeping newborns comfortable and secure.

2. Baby Bath Set: Put together a bath time gift set with gentle baby wash, hooded towels, and bath toys for a fun and soothing bathing experience.

3. Baby Essentials Kit: Put together a basket or gift set containing essentials like cloth diapers, langots, and wipes just like SuperBottoms Baby Diapering Gift Pack (3m-9m) which includes 1 Freesize UNO (Hunny-Bummy), 3 DryFeel Langots (Printed) and 1 XtraHydrating™ Wipes.

4. Keepsake Items: Choose sentimental gifts like a baby book, milestone cards, or personalized keepsake box to help the family capture precious memories.

5. Baby Gear: Consider gifting practical items like a baby carrier, stroller, or bouncer to help parents navigate daily activities with ease.

6. Baby Shower Gifts Cards: If unsure of preferences, opt for baby shower gifts cards, allowing parents to choose items they need most.

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The Importance of Virtual Baby Showers:

In recent times, virtual baby showers have gained significant importance as an alternative to traditional in-person gatherings. Here are some reasons why virtual baby showers are valuable:

1. Inclusivity: Virtual baby showers allow for the inclusion of friends and family members who may be unable to attend an in-person event due to geographical constraints, health issues, or other commitments. This ensures that everyone can participate in celebrating the baby's impending arrival, regardless of their location.

2. Safety: In situations where in-person gatherings are not feasible or safe, such as during a global pandemic or inclement weather conditions, virtual baby showers provide a safe and responsible way to celebrate while minimizing health risks.

3. Convenience: Hosting a virtual baby shower is a breeze, eliminating the need for travel and accommodation arrangements. It's a time-saving, resource-friendly option that puts the power in your hands. Participants can join the celebration from the comfort of their own homes, at a time that suits them best, making it a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all.

4. Flexibility: Amazing virtual baby shower ideas offer flexibility in scheduling and planning. With no venue restrictions or logistical challenges, hosts can easily accommodate different time zones and individual schedules, making it easier for everyone to participate.

5. Personalization: Despite being conducted online, virtual baby shower ideas can still be a unique and memorable experience. From customized invitations that reflect your style to interactive games and activities that cater to your preferences, you have the freedom to create an event that is truly yours. These personal touch virtual baby shower ideas will not only make the event more enjoyable but also create lasting memories for yourself and your guests.

6. Environmental Impact: By reducing the need for travel and paper-based invitations, virtual baby showers contribute to environmental sustainability. This eco-friendly approach aligns with modern values of conservation and responsible consumption.

Virtual baby showers play a crucial role in modern celebrations by fostering inclusivity, safety, convenience, flexibility, personalization, and environmental consciousness. They offer a meaningful way for expectant parents to share their joy with loved ones near and far, creating lasting connections and memories despite physical distance.


Connect with relatives and friends from all over the country or the world who cannot attend their scheduled event.
Take control and create adorable invitations for your guests.
Make a timetable ahead of time so everyone can organize their schedules and all of your events go well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is a virtual baby shower?

Ans. A virtual baby shower is an online celebration in which friends and family gather virtually to honour and celebrate an expectant parent and their upcoming arrival. It typically involves games, gift-giving, and socializing conducted through video conferencing platforms.

2. How do virtual baby showers work?

Ans. Virtual baby showers are hosted on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Guests receive invitations with a link to join the virtual event at a designated time. Once connected, participants engage in activities planned by the host, such as games, gift openings, and heartfelt conversations.

3. What are the benefits of a virtual baby shower?

Ans. Virtual baby showers offer several benefits, including inclusivity by allowing guests from different locations to participate, safety by eliminating the risks associated with in-person gatherings, convenience by enabling attendees to join from anywhere with an internet connection, and flexibility in scheduling and planning.

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