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You will soon embrace your baby and watch them give a toothless smile to you. A moment so precious is just a month away, so congratulations for making it to the 8th month and the 35th week of pregnancy. The upcoming months, including the 35th week, will be challenging as your body will prepare you for the labour day.

The third trimester of pregnancy will leave you feeling anxious and excited, all at the same time, which is normal. But anxiousness due to the fear of the unknown can leave you on the edge of your patience. Hence we thought of compiling this exclusive 35-week pregnancy guide that answers all your concerns, such as 35 weeks pregnant baby weight in kg, 35 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore, baby development, body changes and so on!

35 weeks pregnant in months

If you have been wondering, 35 weeks means how many months, then you are in the 8th month of your pregnancy and have just 1 more left to go. So, read this article further to learn about the common symptoms, baby development and more!

35 Weeks Pregnancy: Symptoms and Body Changes

The 35th week of pregnancy is challenging because the body is preparing for D-day and is likely to experience the following common symptoms at week 35 of your pregnancy:

1 ▪ Frequent urination

As your baby drops lower in the pelvic region during the 35th week of pregnancy, there is immense pressure on your bladder, leading to frequent bathroom trips. In addition, it is recommended to do regular kegel exercises for pregnant women to strengthen the muscles in the area surrounding the vagina.

2 ▪ Insomnia

Insomnia or trouble sleeping is a common pregnancy symptom during the third trimester. Try to find a comfortable sleeping position, sleep on your side, and use a pillow between your knees. Before your bedtime, you can read your favourite book or listen to some soothing music until the drowsiness kicks in.

3 ▪ Swollen ankle and feet-

Yet another common symptom during the 35-week pregnancy is swollen ankles and feet due to fluid retention in your body when you are pregnant. Moreover, your uterus puts pressure on your veins, impairs blood return to your heart and thus causes swelling.

4 ▪ Numbness in hands and feet-

The swelling in your body can sometimes put pressure on your nerves leading to numbness in your hands and feet.

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5 ▪ Braxton hicks contractions-

Your body is preparing for labour and delivery, and thus you will experience false contractions, also known as Braxton hicks contractions. Do not worry about these contractions, for they are merely a false alarm. You can learn about signs of labour in detail here!

6 ▪ Other common symptoms-

▪ Heartburn.
▪ Shortness of breath.
▪ Bloody or brownish vaginal discharge.
▪ Breasts leaking a yellowish fluid known as colostrum
▪ Itchy skin
▪ Headaches
▪ Bleeding Gums

35 Weeks Pregnancy: Baby Development

Want to know about 35 weeks pregnant baby's weight in kg and all other major developmental milestones of your baby this week? Well, then this section will answer all of these questions for you:

1 ▪ Weight and height

35 weeks pregnant baby's weight in kg is around 2.5 kgs, and their height is about 18 inches.

2 ▪ Brain growth

Although babies may look fully developed by 35 weeks, much is still growing. Hence the last few weeks of your third trimester will have rapid brain development for your baby.

3 ▪ Amniotic fluid is receding

Until now, your baby was floating in the protective fluid known as amniotic. However, this fluid will keep receding until you give birth.

4 ▪ Kidney and liver development

Your baby's kidneys are fully developed, and their liver can process some waste products.

5 ▪ Skull flexibility

During the 35th week of pregnancy, your baby's skull is not fused to allow the flexibility to pass through the birth canal during labour and delivery.

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33 Weeks Pregnancy: Quick Checklist

You have made it to the 35th week of pregnancy and are just a few months away from holding your little one in your arms. We are sure there is a lot of excitement, but there is also anxiousness, especially concerning getting a few things done before your baby arrives. So, to make your life easier, we have curated a quick checklist of essential things that must be a part of your to-dos before your little one arrives-

1 ▪ Learn about stages of labour

As we mentioned before, this is the last month of your pregnancy, so it calls for a good time to learn about the different stages of labour. In addition, you must know about the labour and various birthing positions that could ease your delivery process. Talk to your doctor to understand the process and options better.

2 ▪ Prepare a birth plan

With just a few weeks left, it is the best time for you to prepare a birth plan. As the name suggests, it is a well-written plan which states your preferences before, during, and after birth. But remember that even your best-laid birth plans can change at the last minute. Hence, you will need to check your birth plan options at the hospital.

3 ▪ Pack your hospital bag

To avoid any last-minute hassle, make sure you pack your hospital bag, for which we have provided a quick list of requirements to be kept in your hospital bag-

A ▪ Reusable cloth diapers
B ▪ Lose Gowns
C ▪ Reusable nursing pads
D ▪ Oils and lotions for your body
E ▪ Baby wipes
F ▪ Mittens
F ▪ Soft blanket

Key Takeaways

Your beautiful pregnancy journey will soon turn into hectic yet blissful parenthood. So make the most of this time by spending quality time with each other and loved ones, including in self-care, getting enough rest and ticking off your checklist. You have made it to the 35th week of pregnancy, although your patience is wearing off; remember, it's just a matter of a few weeks before you hold your little one in your arms!

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