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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, the feeling of which is inexplicable. But this momentous journey leads to many hormonal and biological changes in your body as it prepares to accommodate and grow a life inside you. As you enter the 32nd week and third trimester, you have completed 8 months and are left with 1 month more to end your pregnancy. Your baby has already touched several developmental milestones and will be feeling more! So if you want to know about 32 weeks pregnant baby weight in kg, we have curated this guide on 32-week pregnancy, highlighting the symptoms, belly, and baby development.

32-Week Pregnancy Symptoms 

Each trimester of pregnancy brings in a new set of symptoms, which you must know to be better prepared. In your 32nd week, your baby is close to maxing out the space of your growing uterus, which may lead to some standard 32 weeks pregnancy symptoms such as body aches, pains, heartburns, and more. We have listed down some signs at 32-week pregnant-

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  • ◾ Change in Baby's Movement

At 32 weeks, your baby has gotten bigger, leaving little space for them to move inside your uterus. The reduced area will change the baby's movement as you will feel bolder kicks, replaced with wiggles, squirms, knocks, and nudges.

  • ◾ Heartburn

Being 32 weeks pregnant, your pregnancy hormones will slow digestion, making it easier for the stomach acid to back up into the oesophagus, leading to heartburn.

  • ◾ Shortness of breath

As your body accommodates you and your baby's growing needs, the blood volume has increased 40-50% since you got pregnant. However, your uterus now is so big and heavy that it pushes up near your diaphragm and crowds your stomach, which leads to shortness of breath and heartburn.

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  • ◾ Lower-back pain

During your 32 weeks of pregnancy, you may have experienced a lot of lower back pain. However, if you have experienced it yet, you should let your doctor know since it can be a sign of preterm labour.

  • ◾ Itching tummy and skin

As your uterus grows, your belly swells, and the skin around it stretches and dries out. As a result, the skin gets moisture-deprived and tends to feel itchy and uncomfortable. It is best to apply moisturiser or add oatmeal to your bath and have a soak in warm water.

  • ◾ Colostrum (leaky breasts)

One of the most common  32 weeks pregnancy symptoms is colostrum, meaning boobs leaking during pregnancy. Your breasts get more significant and tender in the third trimester and tend to leak called colostrum, a yellowish fluid precursor to breast milk. If the leakage is uncomfortable, try using our SuperBottoms reusable dry feel nursing pads.

32-Week Pregnancy Baby Development 

32 weeks in months is almost 8 months of your pregnancy, and you are just 1 month away from holding your little one in your arms. Your baby has touched several developmental milestones. In this last leg, it is prepping for its birth, with several other monumental changes that would help it survive outside the womb. Let us have a close look at your baby's development during 32-week pregnancy-

  • ◾ Baby Weight and height

Baby weight at 32 weeks in kg would be around 1.5-1.8 kg; during the next 7 weeks, your baby will fatten to survive outside the womb. Your baby may be anywhere between 15-17 inches in height.

  • ◾ Eyesight

Your baby can now focus on large objects that are not too far away, and this ability will stay that way until birth.

  • ◾ Hair and Nails

Your baby's toe, fingernails, natural hair, or peach fuzz have grown.

  • ◾ Body temperature

At 32 weeks pregnant, your baby's body has increased the production of a protein and an enzyme necessary for generating body heat. This production will help your baby to regulate their body temperature better.

  • ◾ Startle Reflex

Most babies start to display moro or the startle reflex by 32 weeks. This means a loud noise or movement can startle your baby as they suddenly throw their arms and legs away from their body and then bring them back in.

  • ◾ Breathing 

Your baby is now breathing amniotic fluid to practice using those lungs outside the womb.

32-Week Pregnancy Belly Changes

Your belly is more prominent, and your body is experiencing many changes as it prepares for D-day! Here is the most common 32-week belly change that your will experience - 

Braxton-Hick Contractions 

At 32 weeks, your body may start prepping for delivery day by flexing its muscles as you feel your uterus tightening or hardening periodically, called Braxton hicks contractions.

The irregular contractions increase in frequency and strength, giving your a fair rehearsal for the actual labour pain. These contractions would last for 15-30 seconds and spread downwards. To soothe these contractions, try taking a warm bath to help with the discomfort.

32-Week Pregnancy Self-Care Tips 

Stepping into the 32nd week, your body has undergone several changes and needs some care. So here are some tips for your to indulge in self-care right before your baby arrives, and all your focus would be on providing the proper care to your baby-

  • ◾ Do not stress over stretch marks

Your stretch marks will gradually fade away with time on their own as your uterus goes back to its original shape.

  • ◾ Moisturize often

Does your skin feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable, especially around your belly? Well, those are the effects of the growing belly, which can be tended by applying moisturizer. Hydrating your skin is significant at this stage, as it lacks the moisture it needs.

  • ◾ Pregnancy safe exercises

Doing pregnancy-safe exercises in the comfort of your home will help induce labour, soothe the backaches, and strengthen your abs. Moreover, do pelvic tilts to support your pelvis area, which is crucial for a smooth pregnancy.

Key Takeaways 

While your body is preparing for labour day, take this time to enjoy every little moment of having that sweet baby bump. Take these last few weeks of pregnancy to bond with your baby, indulge in self-care, and spend quality time with your partner. We hope our article on 32-week pregnancy symptoms, baby development, and belly changes has been informative and helpful! 

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