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One of the first things we do when we hear the good news of pregnancy is start preparing a list of items we would need during the pregnancy, during childbirth and after the delivery. The hospital bag checklist is a critical list that every expecting parent needs to prepare. This article by SuperBottoms will help you prepare a checklist of what the new mother would need for herself during & after the delivery. So, let's get to it and start preparing the maternity hospital bag for the delivery time!

When Should Your Baby Hospital Bag Be Ready?

The ideal gestation period is 40 weeks, which means that around 40 weeks, you will experience labour pains, and your child will be ready to come to the outer world. But, in many cases, women experience early labour and can deliver as early as their 8th month. So, the perfect time to be ready with your hospital bag/s packed with all essentials is as soon as you enter the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Things You Will Need For During Delivery

1. The Basics – You need the basic things like the hospital file, your ID cards, the insurance file, and any other paperwork or proof recommended by the hospital or the birthing home.
2. Warm Clothes & Essentials – The labour rooms and OTs at the hospital are usually colder. A pair of socks, a warm jacket, a throw blanket or shawl, warm slippers, lip balm and a bottle of hand and feet lotion will be helpful for you.
3. Distractions & Entertainment – Sometimes, labour can last for hours or even a day. Thus, carrying a fully charged phone, some movies or music loaded, headphones, a book to read, or anything that can keep you occupied will help you stay distracted also. Your maternity hospital bag checklist must have some distraction material!
4. Extra Pillows – Hospitals usually provide one or at least two pillows. Carrying your own soft and extra comfortable pillows from home will keep you comfortable during labour or before the delivery in your room.

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Things You Will Need For Post Delivery

1. Comfortable & Loose Clothing – Changing clothes or tight clothes can be a big inconvenience while recovering from childbirth. Especially if you have had a C-section delivery, you will be in pain for the first 2 – 3 days, and loose, comfortable clothing will be a saviour.

2. Bleeding / Period Essentials – After the baby is born, you will have vaginal bleeding, similar to menstrual bleeding, for four to six weeks. In the initial few days, the bleeding will be heavy as the uterus is self-cleaning the lining. But after the first few days, the bleeding will reduce. It would be best if you carried extra pairs of heavy-duty maternity pads or postpartum pads and reusable Flow Lock Cloth Pads for your bleeding. You can also combine a few extra pairs of MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear for the bleeding. This underwear can also be used as Incontinence underwear, as explained in the point below.

3. Incontinence Underwear – Many women experience an inability to hold their pee or accidental pee leaks after childbirth. The pelvic floor muscle loses its strength during delivery, and it is not uncommon for new mothers to have occasional incontinence or bladder leaks. Carry a few pairs of incontinence underwear and replace them with regular underwear for the initial few weeks postpartum.

4. Breast Pads – You will ideally start breastfeeding your baby from birth. Your breasts are not used to breastfeeding; thus, you will experience sore nipples and even leaking breasts till your baby gets used to breastfeeding & your breasts get used to feeding. Carry a few pairs of washable & reusable breast pads to the hospital to avoid milk leaks from spoiling your clothes & to help soothe sore nipples.

5. Nursing Cover – Even if you have a private ward, the medical staff, visitors etc., will keep dropping by, making it difficult for you to nurse your child in private. A good quality Stole Style Nursing Cover that can give proper coverage and help you conveniently breastfeed your child in public is a must to carry.

You can also check out our article on Preparing Your Hospital Bag for Delivery to prepare a detailed checklist hospital bag list for delivery for your baby and the father or caregiver accompanying you to the hospital. I want you to know that preparing in advance will help you save any last-minute rush or running around while in the hospital to arrange for items you might forget at the last moment. We wish you a safe pregnancy and an effortless delivery! Happy Parenting!

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