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All the 'FIRSTS' in a child's life are a big deal for the whole family. The first smile, the first step they take, the first word they utter. All these memorable firsts are significant milestones for you and your baby. But no milestone or event is more significant in the first year than the first birthday itself. So, parents want to make the first birthday celebration a grand and memorable one for not just the immediate family and the newborn baby but all friends and relatives who have showered the baby with love and blessing throughout the year. 

The first birthday calls for a lot of preparations and work. The decoration, the cake, clothes for baby and the family, 1st birthday return gift ideas, gift for baby, the food and whatnot. This article will help you sort out at least one of these worries - 1st birthday return gift ideas. Here, we will give you the most thoughtful and unique 1st birthday return gift ideas to make the kids and parents happy! But before we get into the discussion about gifts, let us look at a few tips to help you plan the first birthday efficiently. 

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Tips For Planning The First Birthday

  •  Keep your baby's nap time and feeding schedule in mind while planning the birthday party. Everyone else will adjust according to it. After all, it's your baby's special day and should be about their comfort. 
  • • Keep the guest list small and manageable. You, as parents, would not be able to spend all the time attending to the guests, as your baby will also need you. But, if you want to keep the celebrations grand and have a huge party, ensure to take the whole family on board to help you plan, attend to the guests and later clean up after the party.
  • • Send out invitations in advance and ask for confirmation. An estimate of the number of people you will need to host would help you immensely. 
  • • Delegate the work as much as possible. Hire decorators, food caterers, and attending staff to take care of things you do not need to get involved in. 
  • • Keep the 1st birthday return gift ideas in mind. In Indian traditions, some families like to give return gifts to not just the kids but to all families who attend the function or party. 
  • • Parties are not fun without music and noise. But do not forget the fact that this is your child's special day. So, keep the noise, so it does not irritate your baby. 

7 Unique 1st Birthday Return Gift Ideas

Coming to our main topic of discussion – the 1st birthday return gift ideas here is a list of some creative and unique ideas that the receiver will love! 

1. Art Supplies – Stationery and art supplies are among the most common and loved 1st birthday return gift ideas and presents kids receive at every birthday party they go to. You can go a step ahead and get personalised and get the name of each kid printed on the stationery and art supplies. Ensure that you have a confirmed guest list beforehand to be able to order the gifts in time.

2. Personalised Chalk Board – You can get laser-cut chalkboards with any personalisation you want. You can get the names of each kid, a cartoon character, alphabet and numbers etc. Kids love to scribble and learn new things; thus, this is among the perfect 1st birthday return gift ideas.

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3. Story Books – A gift that kids and parents love equally – Books. Reading helps in structural brain development, and reading helps kids develop their imagination and vocabulary skills. With unforgettable characters, life lessons and amazing pictures to look at, books make for a fantastic return gift for a first birthday.

4. Comfortable Daily Wear Apparel –Parents who come to the birthday party would love nothing more than something they can use and save money on as 1st birthday return gift ideas. Comfortable and soft Everyday wear by SuperBottoms is a perfect return gift for kids of all ages – from 6 months to 6 years. One of the most sustainable, affordable and thoughtful 1st birthday return gift ideas that all babies would love to wear and flaunt.

5. Feeding Plates & Mugs – Another utility gift that parents and babies would love equally is feeding plated and milk mugs. You can choose from various characters and designs and even get the name of kids engraved on the utensils for a perfect return gift option.

6. Building Blocks – A gift that helps build the babies' motor skills and can be used till a much later age. Building blocks help kids create something from imagination and keep them occupied for a longer time. Please ensure that if the kids coming to the birthday party are very young babies, buy jumbo blocks to eliminate choking hazards. 

7. DIY Kits – Making fridge magnets, creating necklaces, painting pillow covers, making unicorns and butterflies – there are hundreds of options available from many brands in the market for Do It Yourself kits for kids. These kits help kids explore their creative side and learn many new skills. Mix and match different kits as per the age group, and everyone who receives them will be happy with a gift they will love. 

The bottom line is to choose something sustainable and affordable, yet something that parents and kids will love and cherish equally. Could you ensure the celebration is planned so the baby does not become uncomfortable or have to compromise on nap time, bedtime or feeding time? Happy Parenting!

Key Takeaways

  • Choose Sustainable & Affordable

Make sure that you choose something sustainable and affordable, yet something that parents and kids will love. 

  • Do Not Compromise

Could you make sure the celebration is planned so the baby does not become uncomfortable or have to compromise on nap time, bedtime or feeding time?

  • Make it Memorable

When selecting a present, please make sure to provide something that will be remembered and treasured by both parent and child; so, the recommendations for it are mentioned above.

Note from SuperBottoms

Team SuperBottoms extends a warm welcome to you! We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and share our brand philosophy. As the creators of eco-friendly and reusable cloth diapers for babies, SuperBottoms is committed to offering parents a practical and sustainable alternative. Our products are thoughtfully designed to prioritize safety, comfort, and affordability, ensuring that both you and your little one are happy.

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