SuperBottoms: First Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys & Girls
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The birth of a child in the family is one of the most eventful and happy events for the parents and the whole family and close friends involved. Welcoming the baby in the house, introducing them to all friends and family, having a celebration for the new mother who has gone through the pain of bringing the new member into the world – ever since the world pandemic has hit, these celebrations have taken a back seat. But with the situation getting better, kids born last year and couldn't have this grand celebration would soon have their first birthday celebration with all their loved ones. So, if you are looking for first-birthday ideas, this article is for you!

1st Birthday Celebration Ideas

Congratulations on surviving one year of sleepless nights. Now is the time to celebrate this milestone. If you are currently looking for first-birthday celebration ideas or 1st birthday party ideas for the big day, here are some easy-to-implement ideas that you can pick from!

1. Rainbows Theme Party – No matter if the child turning one is a boy or a girl, all kids adore colourful decorations and rainbows. Keep the theme of food, clothes, decoration, return gifts etc., to be rainbows and wait for those cute colourful pictures of the party to become a part of your family album or on the picture wall soon.

2. Prince Or Princess Theme – One of the most popular first birthday celebration ideas include the kids feeling like princes and princess at their own or someone else's birthday party!

3. Nature Or Garden Themed Party – Add a little bit of nature to their big day. Floral arrangements and decorations, a flower-shaped cake, and the invites having a floral print can be a cute theme for first birthday celebration ideas.

4. Space And Astronauts – Some kids (and even parents) love the space themes and look attractive in books, baby's room decor. So how about converting that into their first birthday theme as well!

5. Based On A Book – Every child has a favourite book. So, instead of looking for first birthday celebration ideas that appeal to you, how about converting their favourite book into the theme?

First Birthday Celebration Ideas At Home

If you host a small and intimate party with only close friends and family, you can celebrate the birthday at home. This will make sure that the baby is comfortable in a known environment and also bring the cost of the celebration down. In addition, celebrating at home will give you time to plan and decorate in advance at your own pace and do the food preparations in advance.

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First Birthday Decoration Ideas

No first birthday celebration ideas are complete unless you include the decoration ideas in it as well. Here are some handy ideas you can pick from:

1 - Make your baby's milestones a part of the decorations. You can use a chalkboard and write your baby's milestones, decorate it, and make it the centrepiece.
2 - Use the pictures of each month and make a picture wall as a part of the first birthday celebration ideas for decoration.
3 - Pick the favourite toy, plushie, character apparel or colour of your baby and creative decoration ideas around that. The cake, the decorations, even your baby's clothes can be in the theme of that favourite thing!
4 - Get everyone invited to send a handwritten birthday wish for your baby in advance and make a wall out of those wishes as a decoration idea.
5 - Put a projector or a large TV in one corner and let a montage of all pictures and videos of your baby play all the time for everyone to watch.

First Birthday Party Game Ideas

When other kids come to a birthday party, the main attraction apart from the cake is the games they get to play at the party. Moreover, kids running around, giggling and having fun also makes the party a fun one and the pictures memorable. Here are some party games that kids would enjoy on your child's first birthday!

1. Smash The Bubbles – Put 3 – 4 adults to work or get a bubble-making machine. Let kids run behind bubbles and try to smash them. The activity would also guarantee fun and amazing and cute pictures. Ensure that you do this activity in an open area where all kids have enough space to run behind the bubbles and not fall on each other.

2. Decorate Your Muffin – If you are a baking enthusiast, or can arrange for some icing and some piping bags, after the cake cutting, give a plain muffin or cupcake each to all kids and let them decorate their cakes and eat them. This can be an engaging game even for adults.

3. A Painting Wall – Stick large white chart papers on one wall and let kids go all Picasso on the wall. This will keep them engaged and give them something fun to do. You can do this similar thing for adults to write messages for the baby.

4. One Minute Games – One can never go wrong with the good old one-minute games. Come up with your fun and creative things to do in under one minute for kids – pop balloons, pick balls, pin the tails to donkeys etc.

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First Birthday Celebration Ideas On A Budget

Sometimes, splurging on an event might not be feasible or possible for a parent. But the fun does not depend on how much money you spend. These simple things can help you keep a fun celebration yet under budget.

1 - Create DIY decoration items using crepe paper and newspapers.
2 - Bake the cake at home.
3 - Limit the guest list to only close family and friends.
4 - Make kids friendly snacks at home instead of ordering.
5 - Have a snack party instead of a dinner party.
6 - If the weather permits, have the party outdoors. This will save the cost of d ecoration also.

First Birthday Food Ideas

A year old baby is too young to enjoy the food spread served on their birthday. Nonetheless, the guests can enjoy the yummy food and return with good food memories. The easiest to manage kind of party food is non-messy finger food that can be self-served and does not require too much cutlery (1).

The menu will also depend on the party guests. For example, the food menu for kids can have more snack items, and if the gathering is for families with older people, proper lunch or dinner is preferred. For a healthier version, you can serve fruits or fruit-based desserts instead of sweets, as the cake would anyways be there. As in our country, people take their food preferences very seriously; it is good to have a separate table for non-vegetarian food with proper labels in case you are planning to serve that.

The thing of importance is not how small or big the party is, how many guests you invite, how many dishes you serve, and the amount you spend on the first birthday celebration of your little one. You can pick up as many or as few first birthday celebration ideas from the article, but what matters is that this is the time to share your happiness with your loved ones. The idea is to create memories and get everyone who loves you and your baby to pass the blessings and love on.

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