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All need to know about Maternity & Nursing Bras


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At around sixteen weeks of your pregnancy, you will start noticing the change in the shape, size, and even the color of your breasts and nipples. Hormonal changes in the body lead to changes in your breast size, and all those cute and lovely bras you have been enjoying will be of no use until your breasts return to their original size – which happens mostly only after you stop breastfeeding. In some cases, the size of a mother’s breast permanently changes. 

Thus, relying on your old bras is probably not the smartest thing to do. Instead, right from your pregnancy stage, start investing in the correct size of bra for pregnant women. This article will help you understand the importance of using the right size of bra for pregnant women, how to choose a maternity bra and what to avoid while buying a bra for pregnant women. You can even go for a feeding or maternity bra directly so that you do not have to invest in them again when your baby arrives. Club them with washable Nursing Breast Pads and Stole Style Nursing Covers and be prepared for the breastfeeding journey in advance!  


Why Does The Breast Size Change? 

Before discussing the factors to keep in mind before you start looking for a bra for pregnant women, you need to understand why a new set of bras would be required for you (1)

The hormones Estrogen and Progesterone change the levels during pregnancy. These two hormones significantly prepare your breasts for lactation and produce Prolactin hormones responsible for breast milk kicking in. When these changes start to occur inside your body, it also reflects on the outside with a difference in the breast size. Apart from increased size, you will also experience tender or sore breasts, swelling in the breasts, and breasts feeling full or heavy. Please remember that all these are symptoms that almost everyone experiences during their pregnancy. 

Importance of Using Right Size Maternity Bra

  • ▪ When your breast size increases, they will be ill-fitted if you continue with the old bras. As a result, you will see bulges over the cleavage area, side boobs, and under-boob situations, which will look awkward and feel extremely uncomfortable to you. Thus, wearing the correct size bra for pregnant women is essential.
  • ▪ A tight bra during pregnancy will put pressure on your breasts, thus resulting in sore breasts and even the milk ducts getting plugged.
  • ▪ The wife-free seam-free bra for pregnant women makes the extra weight bearable and comfortable to get your back. However, many women complain of having sore backs and back aches due to excess pressure and frontal weight.

How To Find Your Perfect Fit

Because of the nature of the product and hygiene issues, most e-commerce websites do not allow the return of undergarments, including a bra for pregnant women. Also, because the size has changed, it is always advised to try and buy. There are many specialty lingerie stores where you can talk to a fit expert, get proper measurements and then invest in a good fit bra. The sign that you found your perfect bra or nursing breast pad is that the cup will conceal your breasts without any bulges or spilling out of the skin. It will feel comfortable and support your breast without putting any pressure on your back. Stay away from non-absorbent synthetic and lacy material, as it might look appealing, but at this stage, you need comfort over fashion, or maybe comfortable fashion! 


  • ▪ Find the right fit and get those. Refer to the section above for tips on finding the right fit.
  • ▪ If the bra starts to feel snug or tight, your breasts might be going through change again, and you might need to have yet another trip to the lingerie store and buy a few new pairs.
  • ▪ If the bra merges the two breasts into one and creates a uni-boob, it is not the perfect fit and the right size cup. A perfectly fitting bra will keep the section between the two breasts flat and not bulgy. 
  • ▪ The lower band of the bra should be comfortable reaching below the shoulder blades. If the straps or the lower band feel stretched or dig into your skin, try a size bigger instead. 
  • ▪ On the contrary, if the straps keep falling off the shoulders or the cups are too loose, you need to go for a smaller size or fit the straps with the adjustment hooks. 
  • ▪ Do not overindulge by purchasing only enough for two days, and adjust your laundry cycle accordingly. With SuperBottoms Laundry sheets, you can easily wash your breastfeeding pads, and maternity bras alongside your baby's essentials, reducing your washing efforts by half. But consider before purchasing as if your breast size changes again after delivery, these will be useless in a few months.
  • ▪ Underwire bras should be avoided because the pressure from the wires can harm the breast tissues and reduce milk production. However, if you experience leaks, consider purchasing breast milk leak pads.
  • ▪ Some women prefer slip-on sports bras, but when it comes to maternity wear, it is always better to buy a bra for pregnant women with hooks and eyes. This ensures that you can adjust the bra snugness easily and do not have to change the bra at a minor change in the breast size.
  • ▪ In India, depending on which brand and material you choose, you can get a bra for pregnant women ranging from 400 Rs to even 1500 – 2K per piece. Which bra you choose will depend on the material you are comfortable with, whether or not you want designs and styling as a factor, and, of course, your budget.

Now that you are equipped with all the information you need to make your first purchase of a nursing or maternity bra go ahead, do your research, get a fit check and trial done, and go for it. Happy Pregnancy To You!]

Key Takeaways 

1. Comfort: When shopping for a bra, prioritize comfort over fashion, or maybe comfortable fashion.

2. Don’t Stock up: Since the shape, size, and even color of your breasts and nipples change around sixteen weeks of pregnancy, don't stock up on too many bras.

3. Seek Expert Advice: If you have bleeding nipples or severe breast pain, consult your gynecologist right away.


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