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The previous article in this Winter Time Diapering series talked about the Myths Vs. Truth of Cloth Diapering During Winters and by now we know that wintertime exclusive cloth diapering is not impossible. On the contrary, a little adjustment, and it is as regular and easy as exclusively cloth diapering in any season. But don't go just by what we’re telling you! Read experiences of real moms sharing their stories of exclusively cloth diapering in winters in India's different regions.

C Bhagyashree shared with us, "I have been cloth diapering my both kids Saanvi and Vivaan for the past 2.5yrs. And we are exclusively on Cloth diapers, let it be any season, summers or winters. Winter diapering, due to myths around the topic, is always a fear in mommies, but believe me, it's damn easy. I made sure to have extra soakers as backup as shells dry faster, and extra spin dry in the machine with fan drying works best for us. Magic Pads were always a boon as they are trimmer and dry faster in winters.

At night I used hemp with magic pads. This way, it used to work for 8hrs plus for my medium to heavy-wetter kids. For me it was pretty easy to continue cloth diapering in winters! Namra, an exclusive cloth diapering mom, shared her experience and wrote that "There are many combinations like pineapple over pizza, that don’t go well. But cloth diapers and winter is a complete Yes combination!! I use padded unders, legwarmers, and UNO with magic soakers for a warm winter day and night.

UNO Cloth Diapers by Alia

Padded unders and leg warmers and in the morning sorts us. Pee or no pee; a little diaper-free time after being in UNO is a must for me. Back to UNO and it would help him catch his short nap. After lunch, one UNO is enough until evening and then again a few hours with Langots or Padded Underwears paired with leg warmers, followed by a UNO. Night Time sorted with a UNO and a set of magic soakers. If my baby suddenly turns into a pee monster, then we have an extra magic soaker's booster to save us.

Meanwhile before bedtime, I would wash my stash and spin dry, put them for drying under the fan. In the morning, I would shift them to the window for some sunshine, and by 12-noon, soakers, and UNO would dry completely. So that's how we tackle this winter?" And lastly, this is how Shanthala managed exclusive cloth diapering during the first winters with her baby, "I started my CDing journey when my little one was 5 and half months old. Even though exclusive CDing was the goal, I started only with day time diapering.

It took me 2 weeks to master the learning curve, to perfect the laundry routine, and get the right fit for my bub, but then there was no looking back. We started CDing even at night this winter. With a decent stash and some extra inserts, it was relatively easy to manage to keep a teething baby exclusively cloth diapered even in winters. With the right combination of inserts and a good fit, my son spends 10-11 hours in a UNO peacefully in the winter nights without any leaks.

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Against all myths and rumors, I can say with a guarantee that UNO keeps my son healthy, safe, and comfortable even on cold winter nights, thanks to the dry feel layer present in every insert. Exclusive cloth diapering might seem like a daunting thing to do, but it is not, especially when we have amazing products like a 100% leak-proof UNO, even for a heavy wetter like my son.

Are you exclusively cloth diapering these winters? If not, we hope the experiences shared by these moms are motivation enough.


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