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When your kid is born, you will have a ton of decisions to make as new parents. Each parent wants to do all possible for their baby. They ensure every item they choose is top-of-the-line and secure for their baby. We consider everything, including clothing and a bed. But even though diapers are one item that a newborn constantly needs for at least three years and have few alternatives, we frequently overlook them.

We suggest that young parents stock up on the essential goods first: diapers at least until their child is three and a half years old. So when cloth diapers are an option, why hurt your baby's delicate skin with rashes and pollute our environment with non-biodegradable waste?

SuperBottoms UNO VS Disposable Diapers

Anyone starting out on the parenting journey knows the genuine challenges of choosing the right product for your baby. We'll explain the differences between SuperBottoms UNO and disposable diapers in this article, as well as what makes UNO a super diaper and the obvious choice for any parent who wants only the best for their baby.

Therefore, if you have been using disposable diapers, you have probably already read about how bad they are for your baby's environment and skin. Even the most well-known brands of disposable diapers include phthalates and other toxic substances that can cause your baby's skin to become infected or irritated and cause other long-term health problems.

SuperBottoms UNO

SuperBottoms UNO has a layer of exceptionally comfortable PUL, a fabric that is waterproof but breathable and has undergone multiple safety testing and certification criteria. Even after wearing them for several hours, your baby will continue to feel dry and comfortable because of the SuperDryFeel(TM) layer, a microfleece layer.



Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers contain toxic chemicals that can harm your baby's delicate skin and the environment. It takes a very long time of 250 and 500 years to degrade because of their durable plastic construction and superabsorbent polymer.

If you compare these disposable diapers with that the substance that makes up the core of SuperBottoms UNO Diapers, it should come as no surprise that anyone choosing a diaper for their child would choose SuperBottoms UNO over anything else!

SuperBottoms UNO has your back to provide a comfortable sleep for your little munchkin! SuperBottoms UNO is a surprisingly awesome diaper, widely known for giving babies long and dry hours & keeping them healthy & happy. Did you know this versatile diaper works wonders as a cover diaper, too & could be customised to all features that you could think of?

Add-ons to Pair with SuperBottoms UNO:- 

  • Smart Pads

At SuperBottoms, we live by the saying, "Necessity is the mother of Invention“ which gave birth to what we fondly call the Smart Pads Set. Ask us what they do. They help in reusing your Multi-size Waterproof Outer by just changing the pads while boosting the absorbency of the UNO. SuperBottoms UNO decodes a unique daytime diapering key when paired with Dry Feel Smart Pads, SuperBottoms UNO decodes a unique daytime diapering key. These pads consist of 8 GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton layers with a SuperDryFeel™ layer on top for keeping the baby’s bum dry and a waterproof base to make the Dry Feel Smart Pads waterproof, which does not wet the diaper outer hence you can reuse it.

  • Smart Booster Pads

Smart Booster Pad consists of 8 layers of organic cotton to be attached to the Dry Feel Smart Pad, which in turn boosts the absorbency of the diaper. This very heavy wetter booster pad is highly recommended for very heavy wetting babies, especially for night-time diapering.

While the top layer assures that your little one doesn't feel wet even after peeing, the waterproof bottom layer plays the role of shield between the Waterproof Outer and Dry Feel Smart Pad.


Shall we let you in on a secret?

It doesn't let the Waterproof Outer get wet even if the Dry Feel Smart Pad gets full. As a result, the Waterproof Outer can be reused by replacing the pads only, just like SuperBottoms cover diapers. Isn't this exciting?

Let us know in the comments if this article helped you understand the magic that the Dry Feel Smart pads unfold. Already experienced the joy? We'd love to hear from you and so would other new mommies. Write on!


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