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Benefits Of Cloth Diapering on Vacation
Essential Cloth Diapering Tips for Moms on Vacation
Real Life Experience Sharing
Key Takeaways
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For mothers, going on a trip with a young child may be both exhilarating and challenging, particularly if they want to stick to environmentally beneficial habits like using cloth diapers. It is critical to figure out how to handle cloth diapers when on vacation, even during travel chaos. It is possible to traverse the world of cloth diapering with simplicity and convenience, creating a seamless and sustainable experience for both mom and baby by adopting helpful advice and techniques designed specifically for travelling parents.

In this article by SuperBottoms, we will share some valuable tips from our end and the experience of one of our users & our employee, who has been exclusively cloth diapering her two children and is a known face in the cloth diapering community! But first, let us understand the importance and benefits of cloth diapering on vacation. Read on!

Benefits of Cloth Diapering on Vacation

If you are an environmentally conscious parent, you would not want to let go of sustainable practices, no matter where you are. This applies to vacations as well. You want to be a role model and show your kids and family that practices like cloth diapering are possible and have many benefits even while on the move. Cloth diapering on vacation offers many benefits for eco-conscious moms looking to maintain sustainable practices while travelling. Beyond the environmental advantages, such as reducing waste and carbon footprint, cloth diapering proves to be a cost-effective and convenient choice for moms on the go.

1. Environmental Impact of Cloth Diapers

• Reduces waste: Cloth diapers can be washed and reused multiple times (up to 300 times if you use a good quality cloth diaper such as SuperBottoms UNO), minimizing the number of disposable diapers ending up in landfills.

• Lowers carbon footprint: By opting for cloth diapers, moms contribute to reducing the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of disposable diapers.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

• Long-term savings: Investing in a stash of newborn cloth diapers can lead to significant cost savings over time compared to continuously purchasing disposable diapers.

• Reusability: Baby cloth diapers can be washed and reused, eliminating the need for frequent purchases, and reducing overall diapering expenses.

3. Convenience

• Easy maintenance: With proper planning, cloth diapering on vacation can be as convenient as using disposables, especially with the availability of modern cloth diapering systems.

• Flexibility: Cloth diapers can be easily adjusted to fit different sizes and shapes, providing a comfortable and customizable option for babies of all ages while travelling.

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Essential Cloth Diapering Tips for Moms on Vacation

1. Packing Essentials

Make sure you pack enough cloth diapers based on the length of your trip, considering the frequency of changes.
Include wet bags or waterproof reversible pouches to store clean and soiled diapers.
Do not forget to pack cloth-friendly detergent, diaper liners, and any necessary accessories for easy diaper changes.

2. Choose the Right Cloth Diapers for Travel

Select diapers with adjustable sizing and absorbency to cater to varying needs and preferences while on vacation. Carry different types of inserts to adjust the absorbency as required.
Carry a few padded underwear to give your baby diaper-free time whenever possible.

3. Managing Diaper Changes on the Go

Create a portable diaper changing station with essentials like wipes, diaper creams, and spare clothes for quick and efficient changes.
Plan by locating diaper-changing facilities in advance, whether in public restrooms or designated areas, to ensure a hygienic environment.
Stay organized by using a compact diaper bag with separate compartments for clean and dirty diapers, making it easier to access essentials while travelling.

4. Dealing with Laundry While Away:

Research accommodations with laundry facilities or nearby laundry facilities to ensure access to washing machines during your trip.
Consider hand-washing cloth diapers if laundry facilities are limited, using gentle detergent and proper rinsing techniques.
Utilize storage solutions like wet bags or sealed containers to store soiled diapers hygienically until they can be properly washed, maintaining cleanliness while away from home.

Real Life Experience Sharing

Now let us hear the experience of Dimple, a known face in the cloth diapering community. When we went on our first vacation with our babies, I took it as an adventure to use cloth diapers exclusively during our vacations and trips. We went on a ten-day holiday to Goa, our native place. I was not confident, to be honest, in cloth diapers during all these days.

I was sceptical and did not want this holiday to be hectic, mainly because my son Glen was frequently pooping during his teething phase. But this did not stop us from being exclusively cloth diapering parents. Here is what we did and how we did it.

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What All We Carried Along - Our Stash:

One might assume that baby cloth diapering while on vacation or a trip will require many things. To our surprise, this is not true. Here is all we needed for exclusive cloth diapering on vacation.

• 5 SuperBottoms Freesize UNO Diapers
• 7 Regular Pads Set
• 1 Waterproof Cloth Bag

And that is all. All this stuff can easily fit in 1/3rd of your small backpack.

We mainly used SuperBottoms UNOs during our trip, averaging 2 Waterproof Outers and 5 Dry Feel Regular Pads daily. These cloth diapers were effective, especially overnight. With ample sunlight in the village, they dried quickly in under four hours, leading to overpacking. We minimized diapers due to uncertain weather but later needed more for beach days. Drying took longer at the beach, and reusable liners were essential, while disposable liners were convenient for outings despite dealing with loose motions.

How we did Cloth Diapering on vacation:

We rinsed the diapers as soon as they were off the bum. Then, whenever we were out, travelling or sightseeing, we stuffed the used diapers in a Waterproof Cloth Bag. They cared for the smell and wetness, and we did not have to worry much about it. The diapers were washed the following day and line-dried in the sun. Then, I would hand rinse them under a wash basin and soak them in detergent and water in a bucket. I never thought I could do it. But once I did, we have always exclusively cloth diapered in all our vacations.

Key Takeaways

1. Environmental Consciousness: Cloth diapering on vacation allows environmentally conscious parents to uphold sustainable practices even while travelling, reducing waste, and lowering the carbon footprint associated with disposable diapers.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: By investing in cloth diapers, parents can achieve long-term savings compared to continuously buying disposable diapers, thanks to their reusability and durability.

3. Convenience and Practical: Cloth diapering on vacation can be as convenient as using disposables with proper planning. Essential tips include packing enough cloth diapers, choosing the right type for travel, managing diaper changes, and dealing with laundry effectively while away from home.


Q1 - How can we tackle the challenge of limited access to laundry facilities during vacation?

Ans – When you do not have access to laundry facilities while on vacation, you can wash cloth diapers by hand using soap and water. Look for local laundry facilities in the area where you are staying to get clean cloth diapers. To make your cloth diapers last longer between washes, consider bringing extra diapers and using liners to help contain messes.

Q2 – What are some storage solutions for soiled cloth diapers on vacation?

Ans – On vacation, store soiled cloth diapers in wet bags that contain odours and moisture. Alternatively, use large zip lock bags to individually store dirty diapers before placing them in your diaper bag. Consider investing in a travel diaper pail or using sealed containers to keep odours at bay and prevent leaks while on the go. Opt for double-layered wet bags for added odour containment during travel.

Q3 – How do I deal with stains on cloth diapers while on vacation?

Ans – Lay the soiled diapers outside to use the sun's ability to remove the stains naturally. Pre-treat the stains with a mild detergent or stain remover before washing to help with discolouration. Try hand-washing the afflicted areas using warm water and detergent to tackle the stains further. Boiling the diapers might work for stains that are difficult to remove, but care should be taken to avoid causing harm to the fabric. Using these approaches, you may travel with cloth diapers and properly manage and remove stains.

Message From SuperBottoms

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