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Top Summer Fruits for Kids to Beat the Heat


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This is what a kid’s summer vacation mostly looks like: playing in the sun all day long, visiting their relatives (and making new friends in their locality), going on picnics and trips with parents, eating a lot of seasonal fruits and if time permits - their summer vacation homework. That’s probably the last thing your little one does in their holidays. Who can blame them though! While it is important to let your kids run wild and free for their summer holidays, you as a parent should also be aware of the health consequences a seasonal change can bring with them.

The rising temperature and the recent heatwave trends across India have left parents worried about their kid’s well being during this hot season. Because most of the time, kids choose to eat which is not really healthy and hydrating enough for the season. Also, your little one has a different nutrient requirement than you. You may cheat on your daily nutrient intake and your body won’t even know. But your kid’s diet should have all the necessary nutrients. And what's a better, juicier and healthier source of nutrients than fruits!

This blog will reveal all the juicy details about various health benefits you can find in summer fruits for kids and how you can incorporate these summer fruits for kids into your munchkin’s diet. So make sure you read this blog till the end and share this article with your friends and relatives (in just one-click at the top).

Why is having fruits in summer beneficial for kids?

It’s no secret that eating fruits has a lot of goodies and also helps us to prevent various diseases. While this is the season of having fun and enjoying new things, this season also invites diseases such as heat strokes, flu, diarrhoea etc.

Naturally, it’s easy for us to identify and tackle the issue. But for young toddlers who cannot go any much further than water (and sometimes ice cream and cool juices) to cool themselves down, it’s important to feed them with fresh and clean summer fruits (and also vegetables)!

Do you remember that Glucon-D advertisement? Where young kids like yours are playing under the hot sun and the sun with the help of a long straw that is sipping away their energy - thus making those kids very tired and hot? Yeah, they still play that advertisement every summer.

And the advertisement completely captures the issue of dehydration. Kids can easily lose nutrients as compared to us. So we need to include necessary fluids in their regular diet. Fruits and veggies are a very easy way to recharge all the necessary nutrients in your kid's body. Get ready to quench your and your little one’s thirst with these fruits!

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And the fruits going to your kid’s plate are:

1 ▪ Juicy Watermelons

The name itself suggests how much juicy water content it has - 92%! Removing the seeds in watermelon might get a little messy at first but it’s totally worth it in the end.

Not only does it have water content but it also removes toxins from your little one's body. The presence of fibre in watermelon is proven to be good for the digestive system and helps them fight constipation. Other goodies include - Vitamin A, B1, B6 and C.

This summer fruits for kids also help them develop their immune system and protect their eyes and skin. Eat it as it is or make a juicy watermelon juice - it’s a perfect companion to beat the heat! And the perfect companion summer wear for your kids - Whaler Melon EVRYdaywear™ by SuperBottoms:

2 ▪ King of the fruits - Mangoes

Summer is incomplete without the king of the fruit kingdom - Pulpy Mango! The water content helps your kid with dehydration and the rich presence of fibres helps develop and protect vision. This tasty and delicious summer fruit for kids also fights bad bacteria and helps improve skin health, digestion etc.

Vitamins present in mangoes: Vitamin A, C and K. But make sure don’t let your kid (and yourself too) overeat as it’s also rich in sugar content. Mangoes look so delicious on our plates. But wondering where else it looks good too? EVRYdaywear™ Top and Shorts Set and A-Line Dress by SuperBottoms.

Take your time and have a glimpse of everyone’s favourite Mango Summers design print:

3 ▪ Pulpy Grapes

How can we miss this one out! Grapes help your kids to maintain healthy blood pressure. Thanks to the presence of Potassium! Grapes are also rich with various nutrients that are super essential for the nervous system and for absorbing iron in the body.

It also helps your immune system and improves the health of your li’l one's strong bones. Wondering whether you should eat grapes while you’re pregnant? If you know someone who has this same concern, read this article!

4 ▪ Bananas

Just like grapes, bananas are also a rich source of Potassium. They are also rich in carbohydrates that are very much required by kids as it acts as a source of energy. Other health benefits: Improves digestive health and it’s full of healthy antioxidants.

How do enjoy this summer fruits for kids on a diet? Your kid can eat it as it is or you can make a healthy banana milkshake. Some parents also preferred making banana bread. Now that was a list of healthy fruits for your kids this summer! It is important to know that even though these fruits are filled with healthy vitamins - overeating is always bad.

Keep this in check and you can make them help you in deseeding watermelon! That itself is a fun summer activity! Do you know any more summer fruits for kids that we should be adding to our little one's platter? Help everyone out by commenting on your suggestions!


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