SuperBottoms: Coconut Water Benefits During Pregnancy
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During summers in India, people love to drink coconut water to cool and energise their bodies and beat the heat of summer. It also refreshes the body during stressed-out time. Moreover, it consists of many vital and healthy nutrients our body needs.

It is not the meal of the coconut fruit. Instead, it is just the juice that is inside a coconut. There are several benefits of coconut water during pregnancy which you will see in this article. Does drinking coconut water during pregnancy help speed up labor and morning sickness?

Nutritional value in coconut water

A cup of coconut water, i.e. 240 ml, contains

▪ 46 calories,
▪ 9 grams of carbs
▪ 3 grams of fibre
▪ 2 grams of protein.

Apart from this, drinking coconut water provides 10% vitamin C, 15% magnesium, 17% manganese, 17% potassium, 11% sodium and 6% calcium for the daily requirement.

Benefits of coconut water during pregnancy

There are numerous benefits of drinking coconut water due to its various nutrients, but let’s focus on its benefits when it is drunk by a pregnant woman.

▪ Hydrates

Coconut water is almost 93 % pure water. It can be considered an option during pregnancy because it hydrates the body and provides electrolytes, said Alyssa Pike. If you feel parched, this coconut milk is not a bad option to hydrate your body during pregnancy. But the hydrating power of coconut water can’t be compared to water ( H20) because the water is gold for hydrating the body, and also it is less expensive than coconut water.

▪ Coconut water helps in morning sickness.

When nausea and vomiting catch your body and keep you down, coconut water’s electrolytes can help you stabilise your body. Women suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (1) often require an added amount of electrolytes to cope with the losses due to excessive vomiting. Coconut water contains numerous valuable electrolytes like magnesium, potassium and sodium.

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▪ Contains fewer calories

Coconut water has low calories and contains some amount of the nutrients recommended by doctors for pregnant women, like dietary fibres and healthy omega-fatty acids. All these nutrients help a pregnant woman to keep her weight in check.

▪ Improves in Digestion

Coconut water improves the digestion process of the body. It maintains and regulates the body's ph level, helps constipation, and improves the digestive system, detoxifying the body and improving its metabolism. Coconut water prevents pregnant women from heartburn during pregnancy.

▪ Boost the immune system

Because of the presence of various essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants helps increase the body's immunity and protects both mother and baby from any disease. The lauric acid produces a disease-fighting acid called ‘monolaurin,’ which helps prevent illnesses like flu and HIV, among others.

▪ Helps in Blood Pressure

Pregnant women who are facing high blood pressure during pregnancy may make a smart choice by taking a small amount of coconut water because of the potassium present in it. Potassium helps in regulating the blood flow and blood pressure of the body. But coconut water should not be drunk as a substitute for medicines for blood pressure. You should also consult your doctor for the best treatment available for blood pressure during pregnancy.

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Does coconut water help in labor during pregnancy?

Earlier, if you had seen the board of pregnancy messages, then you would have noticed the lines on it written, coconut water helps in aiding or inducing labor though there is no scientific proof of it yet available right now. Studies also did not link the coconut water aiding labor.

When to drink coconut water during pregnancy?

Often pregnant women complain of morning sickness and fatigue more in the first trimester of pregnancy, so consuming coconut water during this time is most beneficial. The foetus's brain is developing in this trimester itself, so it needs the most nutrients during this time. Both mother and baby get essential nutrients from coconut water.

How much coconut water should you drink during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, much care must be taken about minor details. Although drinking coconut water is beneficial, there can also be disadvantages to drinking coconut water during pregnancy. To avoid this, you should first know how much coconut water should be drunk during pregnancy. Drinking a glass of coconut water daily during pregnancy is safe, but if you consume an excessive amount every day, you can do harm instead of benefit.

A pregnant woman gets all the essential nutrients by drinking coconut water daily. Apart from this, only green coconut water should be drunk during pregnancy because brown coconut can cause constipation in pregnancy. Moreover, if a pregnant woman does not like the taste of coconut water, she should not consume it. Although drinking coconut water during pregnancy is beneficial, consume it in limited quantities. Excess consumption of any food item is not considered appropriate.

Warnings about coconut water during pregnancy

Like food and drinks, there is also a proper and happy medium for drinking coconut water. Some brands add artificial sweeteners, which results in weight gain. Therefore, you should drink coconut water with zero added sugar. If you are drinking coconut water to stay hydrated during pregnancy, go for water because it has 0 calories, carbs, or sugars.

Key Takeaways of Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water is an excellent source of various essential nutrients required for the body. Though there is no scientific proof of it helping in labor, you can consume it as a refreshing, hydrating, and safe beverage during pregnancy.

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