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Every milestone your child touches is a celebration and will be etched in your heart forever. Be it their first toothless smile, first steps, or first words, the treasure trove of these memories will continue to be filled with all their big, small milestones. Among these, potty training ranks as a significant achievement on the charts. So, do you have your little girl ready to ditch SuperBottoms UNO Diapers? Well, you have landed in the right place. This is a comprehensive guide that will take you through some of the best tips on how to potty train a girl.

How to Potty Training Your Little Girl?

Rumours say it is easier and faster to potty train girls than the boys. While there may be some truth, your little girl's unique personality and development matter. Therefore, it is essential to know that potty training for your girl must only be started when she is interested and ready - both physically and cognitively. The following sections will provide practical tips to potty train your girl.

Letting Her Watch and Learn

Research studies have shown that toddlers learn a lot by observing their surroundings. Hence, when your little girl watches you use the bathroom, it is the first natural step to prepare her for potty training. So, use this preparation phase to talk to her about the body parts and be accurate. For example, do not refer to her vagina as something that may sound embarrassing; provide her with a formal name to help her understand the genitals better. Next, explain to her how girls sit down to pee, but if she remains adamant about standing tall at the toilet, let her do so! She will learn quickly that this stance is not working out for her body.

Collect the Right Supplies

A tried and tested way, vouched by the experts, is buying a child-size potty for your little girl. This will make her feel more comfortable and secure than a full-size toilet. However, if you prefer to buy an adapter seat for your regular full-size bathroom, ensure it is safe and attached firmly. In such cases, keep a stool handy near the toilet to ensure your girl can manoeuvre her way on and off the toilet seat. It will help if you supervise your child while she is being trained, as bathrooms can be dangerous for curious toddlers. To help her make sense of all this newly given information, you might want to consider picking up a few pictures, videos, dolls, or mini potties.

Help Her Get Comfortable

During potty training your toddler, she must get comfortable with the idea of using the potty. So, the first step to making her feel comfortable is to let her know that the potty chair is her own. Next, you can personalize it by writing her name on it or letting her decorate it with her favourite stickers. Next, let her sit on the potty with clothes on for a week and then suggest trying it with her pants down. Avoid pressurizing or forcing her to do otherwise, as this might derail the entire process.

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Set Up a Training Schedule

Potty training your girl will depend on your daily schedule and whether she is in the day care or preschool. In the latter's case, it is best to talk about the potty-training strategy with her teacher or day-care provider. At the same time, you can either use the back-and-forth technique of switching between diapers and underwear or resort to using underwear full-time. However, our experts recommend moving to a basic cloth day diaper which lasts for a few hours and is entirely skin-friendly. Set a well-defined schedule for potty training, and help your child transition gently from day diapers to no diapers!

1 ▪ Teach Her How to Wipe

One of the most important parts of potty training for your girl is ensuring she learns how to wipe correctly. So, teach her that the toilet paper moves from front to back, especially if there are bowel movements, to avoid infection. However, if this information seems too complicated for her to understand, then start by teaching her to pat her genitals dry after she pees to avoid any urinary tract infections.

2 ▪ Encourage Her to Try Again If She Does Not Succeed

You and your child may encounter several setbacks and challenges during the potty-training phase. But consider it all a part of her learning process. If she has failed to get potty trained during the initial stages, do not pressure or get angry at her. Instead, encourage her to try again and teach her an important life lesson: "Try, try until you succeed". You can offer her rewards such as treats, stickers, toys, extra playtime, and so on to motivate her to try again.

3 ▪ Celebrate Her Triumph

After several challenges, remember to celebrate this milestone when your little girl has finally learned to use the potty reasonably by herself. Let her know she has achieved a significant milestone by rewarding her with meaningful incentives, such as an extra bedtime story. However, please do not make a big deal out of your girl making a potty visit each time, as this may either start to get to her head or leave her self-conscious under the glare of that attention!

We hope that these tips will help you potty train your little girl. The potty-training journey is unique for every child, so do not feel dejected if it isn't happening as seamlessly for you. Have patience, and watch your toddler achieve this significant milestone real soon! You can learn about the importance of potty training your toddler here!


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