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Aah! The monster of potty training! So many parents are scared of this phase and dread it, passing it over to their parents, nannies, or daycares. But if you knew how easy the process of kids potty training was, if you followed some simple rules and methods, you would be amazed. Many parents who follow the correct tips and strategies can finish their baby's potty training even in three days. This article by SuperBottoms will talk about the 10 most important potty training tips that will help you go from a beginner to a master in less than a week. Keep Reading!

Why is Potty Training Important

If you are wondering how to potty train a baby, you first need to understand what potty training is and why it is essential. Potty training is not just your child's ability to sit on a toilet seat and eliminate pee and poop. It is much more than just pooping in the potty seat. Right from identifying the body cues for peeing and pooping, telling the adults that they have an urge to pee or poop, pulling the potty training pants down, wiping their bum after pooping, pulling the pants up, washing and wiping their hands, flushing the toilet – all this is also a part of potty training.

It is important to begin at the right time because soon your child will join playschool or daycare, and this is the most essential and fundamental life skill they will need to master to gain confidence in their growing social abilities. So, without further delay, here are the top 10 tips you need to know to go from a beginner to a master of potty training your baby.

10 Important Potty-Training Tips

1. Start at the right time.

For the parents as well as the toddler, starting the potty training process at the right time is equally important and crucial. Starting too early is not recommended as your baby would not be psychologically or emotionally ready for the process and pushing them too early can demotivate your baby and move them further away from their target. Read our article to know "Is Your Baby Ready for Potty Training?" to decide the right age to begin.

2. Create and follow a routine.

Like us grown-ups, looking forward to a routine to follow brings kids a sense of security and calm. Knowing what to expect always makes it easier to ease the nerves of any new process. This same applies to babies and toddlers. So, create a routine for the potty training schedule and follow the same. Soon, your baby will get used to the plan and diligently follow the same.

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3. Do not lose your temper.

Yelling, getting upset, passing the embarrassment or guilt on, or getting angry will not help you with kids. You must keep calm and make the whole learning experience gentle and loving for your baby. Potty training does not come quickly for some kids; they need extra love and support to achieve this milestone.

4. Use positive reinforcements

Don't we all love it when someone appreciates our efforts? When we are trying to achieve a new milestone or learn something new, and at each step and small success, someone acknowledges it, appreciates it, and we get rewarded for it! The same goes for these significant developmental milestones for babies. Use positive reinforcement to motivate and encourage them to keep trying and soon master the skill of kids potty training.

5. Be prepared for accidental pee/poop.

Well, even grown-ups sometimes take a few attempts to succeed at something new. Be patient and prepared for accidental pee and poop.

6. Keep it fun

Add songs, books, your own fun elements, etc., to the process. Go the extra mile to make sure that your baby is comfortable. Choose the fun aspect according to your baby's preference and make it a non-threatening, non-intermediating experience for them.

7. Use the right potty-training pants.

One of the most essential accessories you will need to start your baby's potty-training journey is the potty training underwear or the potty-training pants. Many parents move directly from a diaper to regular underwear and skip the step of potty training pants. This will only make things messy (quite literally) for you and your baby. You might need to keep mopping pee puddles all day and clean poop from your baby's bum; let us underwear again and again.

Potty training pants, on the other hand, are padded underwear specially designed to help kids feel damp while soaking up to one pee and avoiding making a mess around your baby.

8. Make your child in charge.

Instead of telling your child how and what to do, ask them how they want to approach this process. Please give them the steps and let them take charge. This way, when they achieve minor success, the credit and the appreciation go to them, and they are motivated to achieve more.

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9. Be persistent

Consistency and persistence is the key. If you keep giving up, your baby will keep giving up, too! So, be persistent yet gentle with them.

10. Celebrate small successes

Every step towards achieving the larger goal, no matter how small or big, must be appreciated and celebrated. Celebrate with some dance and music, some pats on the back, their favorite food, and lots of hugs and kisses.

Key Takeaways:

1. Start your toddler's potty training journey at the right time. Too early or too late will get you late success. The best time to begin is when your baby shows signs of readiness.
2. Use the right baby training pants to ensure earlier success. A Padded Underwear that can soak up to one pee and helps your baby feel the dampness and moisture and thus associate the feeling of irritation to the urge to pee and poop is the ideal potty training underwear for your baby.
3. Be calm and patient with your baby. This transition can be harder on them than you imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Ques 1: Which one should I buy between a potty chair and a toilet seat insert?

Ans: This choice totally depends upon what your child will prefer and be comfortable with. Potty chairs are more like a toy and can help your child learn how to poop and pee in a potty in their own room without being intimidated or sitting in the bathroom. But the transition is easier with a toilet seat insert, where your child uses the toilet seat they will eventually use after growing up.

Ques 2: How do I handle the accidental pee/poop?

Ans: Accidents are a normal part of the potty training process, and staying calm and supportive is essential when they happen. Avoid punishment or shame, and instead, focus on helping your child clean up and encouraging them to try again next time. You may also want to consider using positive reinforcement for successful attempts.

Ques 3: How can I handle potty training outside of the home?

Ans: Potty training outside the home can be challenging, but several strategies can help. Consider bringing a portable potty chair or seat insert with you, and be sure to plan frequent bathroom breaks. You may also want to get a change of clothes and some wipes in case of accidents. Finally, be patient and understanding if your child struggles with unfamiliar bathrooms or experiences setbacks while away from home.

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